Basic strategy 101 tactics -undefended- (FREE)


Just somethin i felt like sharing so some could learn while others could feel obligated to show off their kills. This level is about as easy and free as it gets (undefended).

Does the creators faction only accepts friend/teammates of its members?
Base defence discrepancy

Just to show this is open to whatever battle you want, i cant be the only one that enjoys their kills…


Round 3.

Hammer glitch got me the 1st half but no reason to let that slow ya down…


Hammer glitch? What are you speaking of? Also, you seem to be showing two entirely different attacks on two totally different bases in this video. Also, since this is pvp and you’re receiving rubies from monument kills, as shown in the second attack in the video…I’d recommend an uninstall/ reinstall.

Edit: second attack


I enfeebled twice and the towers were healed by hammers at the same time in which they died causing them to be reborn and unsanded…not uncommon its happened many times to me.

Yes you are correct its 2 hits in 1 bc my first was robbed from me


Just trying to understand what you’re trying to show by uploading attacks on two different bases in one video. If it had been a second attack on the same base, sure…but a different base? Also, I still suggest you try to fix getting rubies instead of chests in pvp. Lol


Lemme ask u something, are u able to hit the same base over and over in pvp?

Also, i appreciate ur concern but it doesnt bother me


:woman_shrugging:t2: To each their own. I prefer chests. Lol.

And in this PVP, no, back to back attacks on the same base are not allowed. But you could’ve hit maybe 10-15 (I don’t know the exact numbers) in between and then gone back and hit the same base. Again, just not sure what you’re trying to show here. 2 defenders vs 1 on two totally different bases just makes it kind of convoluted.


Ah, I see now you were just saying don’t let a defeat get you down! I totally agree! Happy future flying!


Lol yeah im just having fun and testing my limits, but just saying the # of defenders would not of made much difference(with the two bases in vid), i try to plan for the worst and its not like i can see what is charged or not so gotta be ready for it all…

also im still getting plenty of chests

BTW this thread is for all…from those who want to share their accomplishments to those interested in setting up a friendly skirmish


You’re getting chests AND rubies from pvp drops ? :drooling_face: I’m so jealous.


I havent paid any attention to it at all i just noticed the bronze chests im collecting but i havent actually noted my current amount of rubies prior to getting the +10 rubies in battle then after… i just assumed i was visually seeing rubies while it instead was giving me bronze chests. No clue.


To new beginnings


If the defenders used the ice flak ss…


Probably using droid, i thought same but thats ok i got a trick for that too
Thought u quit

Must got that ragnaritis






Why did you remove the video? I was about to watch it. :slight_smile:️

I’ll check back tomorrow. Good night :milk_glass: