Basic strategy 101 tactics -undefended- (FREE)


Stupid copyright sh!t i gotta fix it…sounds good it will be here :slight_smile:


Did you add music? That’s what messes mine up. I just make ‘em soundless :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


I wish i could man but my ADD wont allow it, i get too bored to finish any video without music bc i cant listen to my own while video plays… i dont care what kind of music just needs some


I get that. I’ve got real bad tinnitus so I’ve got an app called MyNoise that can play white noise/rain sounds/a bunch of other shit, and it’ll both mask the neverending ringing and play over anything happening on my phone. But I’m getting off-topic, sorry :sweat_smile::rofl: :t_rex:


All good im not a thread nazi you can do whatever u like here


Thought that Lee guy was over 400. Nicely done PoIt :raised_hands:t3:



It still won’t work


Defintely fumbled 2nd dragon kill, oh well.

Notice 1 ballista dmg vs 2 archers against neptus… as ive been saying, its all circumstantial


It looks like flaks and lightings did damage to Neptus, no?


Yes mostly but please try to isolate dmg strictly from ballista and archers…its prime example of what i been trying to explain…theres too many possibilities to be so narrow minded against ballistas. I wish i had charged ballista instead of red mage, blue on seagazer would of also been ideal

Edit- btw i just wanna make it clear i am not nor have ever tried to say ballistas were the greatest, im simply saying they are not the worst that everyone thinks… its how u use them, just like all the others


Attack/Defense power ratio :t_rex:

What’s up with the screen flip :joy::joy:
Not enough challenge? :joy:


Omg dude fuk if i know man it did it twice during my war runs and i just stared at screen like, really?


I would instead of having a back up with might and no brain, ask someone can use hau or renard to do it


Because we need to learn and explore, its not that serious to hold back and only use what u know


that is my recommendation, I dont see that one learn anything beside the fact he tried to use brute force every single attack


Shit happens, ive followed him where he took out bases like that and stronger solo, i just kicked my feet up. We are already better than this and thats why i dont care to show it



and the third time is successful but there is no point for you to set up the base with necryx at all unless you want to practice using necryx, which is not necessary to be a war attack


Ok at this point idk why you even bothering to tell me this stuff like there was no need for me to set it up, theres just no point after that lol

Thx for your opinion