Basic strategy 101 tactics -undefended- (FREE)


Was it a war between you two teams?


I have no clue if they are in the other team lol


It surely looks like it lol


I promise that would be news to me lol i dont even remember the names in the video



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Idgaf who you are, you insult me for no reason and ima ride on every single one of you


Why not just blink the short instead of taking the hits?


I wasnt thinking, he pissed me off lol

What i really wish i had done is blink that ice flak like ive done so many times before but like i said i was seeing red and i couldnt even remember what towers were where
@DontTagMe :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol bout to say, looked at the vid above it and the first clip has a blink, so got curious. Hit that base out of boredom to do the short, I’ll put that here for the night. Not a Nec fan tho :joy:.


Yeah i knew i was messin up but didnt care, that dude is a fkn prick


Lol happens


Hiding in the toilet again? :eyes:


Nah, can’t sleep. Shhhh, even used damn Nec, don’t blow my cover. skedaddles


Im almost certain i was…


Aw i liked the vid was hoping u would keep it up lol


Drama … with an extra scoop of drama :woman_facepalming:


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You were touting your love for ballistas again? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Lmao nah but thats definitely a good way to get someone talkin shit

Can tell he got to me though cause i was flyin like shit and it didnt help that hammers glitched dead towers on me, i could of at least finished with ember but honestly i was so mad at the time i didnt even care lol