Basic strategy 101 tactics -undefended- (FREE)


I wouldnt worry so much, im covered, how about you? Lets see something from you that shows you have the right to even have an opinion :rofl:


you are seeing it right now. here it is <~
anyway, seem like you have refused to show the matter video I want to see and start to speak of none relevant topic like age and “adorable” so there is no point to be here anymore


He’s never said his base was good for his level.

Level 45 towers gave Emerald Pathox trouble. He’s got good gear. Let’s focus on that?


I didnt say his base is bad either, people just think about that themself. he can defend against emerald dragon dragon easily after all


I spoke of ur age once at the end of a multi paragraph post because of how much you say that is just completely wrong and how you hide everything about yourself on top of that when you shouldnt even have any information the public can see that would compromise your privacy which leads me to believe its something your parents require… i also said that i believe you are doing what is best but if you are under a certain age and PG finds out then buh bye and goes to show u should of never been talkin here in the first place, much less lie about everything you say with only ridiculous accusations trying to insult me lol but just so we are clear all i care about is what gives you the right to even speak to me the way you do, like you are so much better but truth is you just wanted to make yourself seem important because i never bragged about anything except how good HE did… stop lyin so much it aint nap time.

im not perfect i am actually very immature at times but i definitely dont talk down to people to make myself feel better about whatever reason it is that you hate me posting vids of my battles MUCH LESS do this with nothing but false accusations… literally everything u have said about me or what i post is completely inaccurate, who even are you :rofl:


Im surprised this is probably nicest u ever been to me but yeah like i said the only thing i bragged about was how good HE did, its RIGHT THERE IN THE VID lol besides now that fort arrived and i could finally do what i needed for pathox he wont even get close next time


I’m a nice person at heart! <3

And there’s really nowhere for you to go but up. I’m jealous of your research >:0


Dont be, research is crap except for like construction and maybe, MAYBE dark flak hp :rofl: although i do like stunning towers as well as healing when cloaked… but its a lot to do for a little gain other than that


Kate’s most coveted gold/plat researches, ranked:

  1. 5% construction (I have it! :D)
  2. 5% incubation
  3. 12% xp
  4. 5% df hp
  5. 5% df dmg
  6. +1 ss
  7. 15% farm/mill heal
  8. 10% lumber production

And all the ballista researches that come before the useful ones, of course :upside_down_face:


Not sure why you keep concern about other personal info and give plenty of thought and assumption about it but fyi, the age of 13 is just a recomendation, if under the guide of parent, kids can play too.

And you think where I state the truth is insult you? how so?
Are you over level 300?
Are these attackers level around 200?
Did you use a lots of boost in these defending video?
Sorry again if you didnt feel proud of that and I said so, but the rest of that is mere fact from video.


Touche lol and well done on the construction research, was very first thing i did except for like the mage ss


These… these… where are all the other low levels? And we are past the age part, quit talking unless you got something to show me on why you think you have the right to just assume everything you claim like facts to degrade me? I have never bothered you so gtfo


I still dont know why are you keep saying I criticize you or look down or degrade you?
Why do you think so? when I say “your base is weak for your level” or “you are a stupid at building base” then it means I criticize you, but I didnt.

As long as there is no blocking from forum, I have the right to talk. that is not in your decision. you dont have to worry about that


Again it all started because you claimed i was proud of how i did…

like that should even be any of your concern in the first place but in all actuality the only bragging i did in the vid WAS FOR HIM…

Ok so you said what u wanted, good, now how about showing me something you are proud of… oh you dont have anything? What a surprise :smirk:


Well, you keep posting the same content made me think you must be really proud of showing how a level 300 defend against level 200 with lots of boost but turn out you just like posting video of how a level 300 defend against level 200 with lots of boost. Then I already apologized on the next post and offer you a compliment in question form then a few other apology after and you are like holding grudge or something when you start discussing some irrelevant topics about age, right :octopus:

unlike you, I only proud of being able to defeat someone 100 levels below me but yes nothing to show :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Show me where i have posted the same content please of a player 100 levels lower than me not failing with even 3 dragons… go ahead, because the only other person to do this that i can think of was cloak. :wink:



GG :+1:
“No ragrets”



? Just blink that.