Basic strategy 101 tactics -undefended- (FREE)


ALL THE SAND- shenanigans

Alright, wtf am I doing wrong tonight. I have to not be seeing something and its frustrating me :sob:

I haven’t flown hau in quite a while so screwing up on undefended bases is kinda frustrating :expressionless:

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Nice blink

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Rewind too late.

Also shifted too early - makes it harder to time.

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That’s what I figured, he said he didn’t see any towers fire so I guess that just got in my head a bit :pensive:

I’m way out of practice :sob::rofl:


Yeah its possible to sand around a corner even right before the spell goes into cooldown but extremely difficult and only in the rarest of circumstances is that even beneficial anyway…

Try timeshifting when the blue mage becomes visible in the turn, tap and rewind. Once you hit timeshift you only pause for a moment before sand(less than 1 second) then immediately rewinding. No matter how long i been doing it i still gotta warm up to properly use Hau lol and still learning.

Edit* you can actually hit timeshift and rewind then sand, its very fast.

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just a question, what is this supposed to show, i’m assuming it is to share attacking strategies or…?


Just is for ppl that like to fight and show off their tricks if they want… prob wont like my music or editing though i do have at least 1 trick im trying to show off in a lot of my vids but i dont like to always make it obvious, like i said its for those that like to fight and we know what to look for when we fly :grin:

Feel free to post whatever, idc


Well I’ve been wanting to learn how he flys myself


If you wanna rewind a front tower with that much momentum in a full shift, you’ll need to put your sand finger right next to the spells, sand and rewind same time just as the blue starts to come from behind.

Easier if you just cue off the island edge starting on the left of the screen for initial shift, then sand and rewind while the spells are lined between front left and middle tower tho. Freeze framing a video and learning the exact finger positioning you need will make it easier for all positions.

Not bad to know how to do both, may allow more maneuvering depending on the situation. Have fun.


About as real as it gets.

Nec + Spindra cleanup
Nuke warhead at birth,
Hugest forehead on Earth.


one question, what use was nec in that attack? from the video it seemed only died.


I was gonna try with Nec but failed


oh right, guess you didn’t succeed then lol

Edit: Is anyone able to show tricks about any dragon?


Idk are they? : P


i take that as a yes lol


Si lol