Basic stuff that should be improved

1- Let us see the level of buildings which are under construction, level of incubator when a dragon is incubating and also access to breeding castle is needed when it’s under construction so we can see dragons and our progress etc., construction should just limit breeding option.
2- Using lumber/food boost should be made available even if storage is under construction. (Can be made through upper right food/wood icons)
3- A customizable battle interface. Eg: changing locations of spells, health bar, ammo etc. on our screen or even making their sizes adjustable. Personally I’d prefer to have health bar on top of my dragon, not at a corner that you have to look to see.
4- Seeing the level of towers in the base that we are defending. (by OrcaFrost)
-Maybe the levels can stay on top of towers all the time (in small size) while defending, without even in need of clicking.
5- To chooseyour own base to do spesific supershots while no defenders. (by Ryuu)
-Either some system like that or maybe the current pattern can be changed. Like the storm tower is just a dummy when it doesn’t do supershot.
6- Add a game clock so we don’t need to calculate timings of our waves, raids etc. via EST-GMT and not get confused. Eg: Officer mail: “We will be doing a raid at 8PM game time”. No confusions.

Reply this with your ideas for me to consider and add to the post.


Another thing would be choosing which buildings to fire supershots when ur island is attacked.

Edit:Dragon rune removal!!!


Totally agree with these 2. Not worried about point 3 tho

I’d also like to see more info about each tower specifically shot range and health of farms in their stats

  • See the tower level of bases we’re defending :eyes: (toggled?)
  • Add one button to notify all defenders to quit.

Yeh being able to toggle supershots or base tower levels would be great



Right! Would like to see a communication available during defenses


Me too. Especially if I’m doing multitasking on while doing invader runs :sweat_smile: I never can see how much life my dragon has left. (Or I can see the life bar but suddenly can’t use any spells because I moved the multitasking window from the right side of the screen to the left :laughing:)

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#3 sounds like a nightmare to actually do. Good in theory, but the ability to customize the basic UI seems pretty…well not super possible

1&2 agreed and we’ve been asking for that for years

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All I want from Dragon Attack screen is just Active Shield HP :pray:

I’ve seen games where those kind of things are possible.

A custom UI screen? Could you share a game as an example?

Need to be mobile game :eyes:

Pubg Moblie as mobile game. See Here
World of Warcraft as Pc game.

That’s neat - never seen that before. Doesn’t look particular easy to code, but neat.

Years. As in plural. Multiple YEARS of player requests and it doesn’t get done.
Over 6 months ago we were given a list of improvements and half of it isn’t done.

I’d suggest adding your list to the existing QoL and Player Happiness threads but I don’t know if anyone actually reads them anymore? I don’t think anyone will read this thread beyond checking it for posts that need to be deleted or hidden.
We can bark all we want. What I hear back are just echos from other players. :frowning:

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Not going to happen. Remember when PG cut the troop rate and extended the collection time? The players yelled it was a massive nerf and PG put it back the way it was before. They are counting on us failing to collect troops efficiently 24 X 7.

If they added a troop notification they would nerf the regen rate to match whatever levels are being produced today.