Battery draining

Seems like since this past crazy update my battery is draining faster. Is anyone else having this issue too?


im not sure if i feel this way b/c i have a new phone, but i’m not getting any superfast battery draining on that phone just yet.

-none on my ipads either as when i see semi-fast battery draining on my ipads, it’s mostly due to the screen brightness.

Yep, having this issue too. Literally killing my battery while it’s plugged in. No other app or game gives me this issue.


That’s me, too. I used to be able to play almost all day, now it’s down to 30% after just a few hours


@Arelyna is this a thing you’re aware of?

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Ive had this issue for a while… any other app or game… i can be on for 30min and only lose at most 5%. But with WD, i can go from 100% to 80% in less then ten min. :man_shrugging:


Since last update my battery goes from 100% to 25% with only 10 min of game in 3G/4G with Wifi is fine way much much longer

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Mine too. It’s sucking battery life way faster than before

Seems that mine has the same issue. Go from full charge to dead when phone is not in use.strong text

It’s happening to me with low-brightness settings.

@Arelyna @DragonPunch have you been aware of this? I know you all have a lot on your plates right now, but maybe check in on this too …? (It’s just a thin mint😉)

Have you submitted a ticket about this? Is this something that you’ve been experiencing only since Version 5.08 or previously?

I haven’t sent a ticket about the battery issue, it’s hard to say for certain if it’s an iOS side effect or if it’s the game. I noticed it happening on Call of Duty also so at this point it’s more likely that it’s an Apple issue, so want to deal with them first.

I have not sent a ticket on this, and I have only been experiencing this since the recent updates; not sure if it was 5.07 or 5.08, but very recent within the past week or so…

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Also, I’m on android. Samsung galaxy

Same, samsung galaxy s9+ and battery is draining very very fast when using game since 3 or 4 weeks.

Just wanted to throw in that my iPad Pro, on wifi, gets drained playing WDs now. 14% to do 10 event attacks.

I’d submit a ticket, but well those are about useless…

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Happening to me too after last update.
I have to play constantly charging because it goes from 90% to 50% in 20 mins and from 50% to 20% in another 10 mins.
Actually even if I’m charging and game is open, it doesn’t add up battery at all :sweat_smile: this is only for keeping it at the same level.
iOS by the way.

Also this problem, only since the last War Dragons update. Only 5 min of playing drains about 30% of my battery. 15-20 min and my phone is dead from a full charge. I know the game puts a high demand on battery life but two weeks ago I was able to play for about an hour or two before I had to plug in. If the app was running in the background it used to still drain my battery but recently I have watched my phone jump down about 10% at a time if its running in the background. I put in a ticket, support told me that though it started after the last war dragons update that it was my phone. Deleted war dragons and so far my phone is holding a charge again…

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I am also on iOS. My phone was not fully updated when this started happening. I updated my phone and it did not help.

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