Battle Cry = War Cry?

Okay I’m sorry if this is a newbie question but does battle cry Runes and War cry (Kirin white spell) runes similar. I have Battle cry runes that increase the damage if I equip to Kirin does the War Cry damage increase?

No. The only spell affected by Battle Cry glyph is Battle Cry.

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Alright thank you :slight_smile:

Battle cry runes do not work anyway.

Battle cry is a useless spell anyway - resets every blue tower, no time to stack. War cry fixes what is broken about battle cry by making it white.

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Is a good temp spell for when hunters kill all blue towers then activate. I bet the runes dont work bc it would be OP. With next dragon having a potential buff of around 30% with research plus runes and glyphs buff going to next dragon which could have superheated breath plus havok…that is a lot. Its what i tried for with Ursa.

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