Battle Invites: Disabling expired invites/incomplete mockup of an alternate view

tl;dr: Jumping invites can be annoying as they disappear. If the current system of battle invites disabled expired invites, switched them to placeholders, or gradually slid off screen, it’d probably be enough. Other suggestions are in the second bullet point section. The mockup ended up becoming over-complicated. Continue at your own risk :see_no_evil:

While I think that the current Active Battle Invites screen is adequate for starting out, it can fall behind during more intense wars and/or situations where you could potentially have atlas, wars, and/or events all at the same time (usually not but for a small pocket of time/if things get out of sync). Particularly during wars/events, invites will jump around as they disappear, so the idea was to think of something to better sort through the different invites for the more spammy times.

Anyway, this is incomplete for now, as it really just ended up not seeming practical or worth continuing but would’ve tied together various suggestions :woman_facepalming:.

To bullet points:

  • Toggled from the current active battle invites view
  • Takes up more screen space (can’t do anything else with the current popup anyway) & compacts invites (maybe too much, though avatars could be shrunken furhter)
  • More easily distinguish multiple wars
  • Eliminates invite jumping (switches to a disabled state or maybe it just gets blanked out)

Suggestions/Things not yet included after thinking that it wasn’t practical: (+ items from below)

  • Icons per event type + attack/defense type (war attack, war defense, atlas attack, atlas defense, etc. to remove the attack/defense labels)
  • Other attack types (atlas, normal, event - would need to scroll down)
  • Filter by invite type (e.g. see only war invites)
  • Skip to end
  • Shaded backgrounds based upon banner color
  • +Decrease the full screen view a little to show the two line chat preview
  • +Disable invites for full invites
  • +If the expired invites could slide out of view (one at time), that would reduce clutter but still allow people time to accurate tap on the intended invite.


  • Too complex/cluttered/large, also ends up wasting a lot of space if it isn’t that busy
  • Might cause memory issues on low RAM devices?

It also removes the join button and would rely on tapping the applicable tile instead. Scroll right for each individual attack type Scroll right for more attacks/defenses and down for different types. But yeah…

Adding a more compact version from further down, which would allow for a full view of three across:


Great idea forsci!
@PGJared @Arelyna I know you guys are busy with tower and spell balances, but would something like this take a seat at the priority table in the near future?

Very nice proposal, this feature could really use an overhaul.
Love the image by the way! :grin:

Great idea. And mad Photoshop skill :joy:

I think this would be a nice addition, especially for waves and when doing something extensive for Atlas.
One suggestion I would make (didn’t see it) would be to have the ability to see and comment in team chat while on the screen, eg to call out if something is a decoy or so bu can be ready for waves and still see the go signal.

Oh, right, I had a mental note to add the two line chat preview to the bottom but hadn’t yet.

An even more compact “card” that’d allow for a full view of three across - pretty squished and font got reduced to 16pt from 20pt, might be too small:

But yeah… spitballing now :joy:


I really like this idea. A couple of questions though: how long would the grayed out icons remain in the “active” window? And would they gray out immediately if all the invite slots get filled? The 16pt font might work on the smaller phones.

I’ve been watching some videos at work today about Adobe Xd (which is used for designing and prototyping user experiences for apps and websites), and all of the text that is used for icons on iOS (like in the settings panel) is at 16 or 17 pt font. But the iOS standard font is probably more legible than the font chosen of the UI in the current design of the game.

oo, ty for the info.

They gray out as the invite expires (0s remains) and would remain there (or get replaced by an empty placeholder but still take up the same amount of space) instead of disappearing; that’s to resolve the current issue of invites jumping, which really only matters when there are a large number of invites, say 16+ going off at around the same time, vs a trickle of one or two.

It’d be ideal for them to gray out if invites get filled as well, but tapping an invite would take you to the attempted join, which would close it anyway, as it currently does.

Adding a ping for @PGCrisis too, wanted to see if the suggestion was of any interest to other people :slight_smile:


I was thinking that graying out once they were full would save time and allow you to quickly jump into another defense or attack run instead of wasting the seconds to go through the “battle room full” screen, clicking “okay” and relaunching the banner selection screen.

Which would be important for those times when you have a crazy bunch of invites going off lol.

Yeah, it’d definitely be nice, but it’d also require more coding, as it doesn’t currently do that, hehe. Though, I’ll add that to the first post too.

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I prefer forscience’s mock-up for a few reasons, but I’d like to see some changes to the invite system many of which you guys already hit on. I’ve played vs teams who solely win by exploiting this. I’m not sure if that is an intended mechanic or not. But it’s not trivial to exploit effectively.

  1. I’d like to see a button you can press at any time (banner or not) that lets you see any active invites. Probably harder to do as they probably programmed it to only notify at the start and not really have a table with invites and their timers.

  2. I’d like the banner to split into two buttons when an attack and defend are happening at the same time

  3. I’d like to solve the jumping around placement issue either with an indefinite graying out or a longer period. I’m guessing indefinite could be exploited but say the ones that gray out stay for 1 minutes + randomized in seconds. That should be more than enough time to find the battle and prevent exploiting.

  4. I’d love love love to see the filter idea possibly only available with permanent button. It would be fantastic to say only show me defends from this team. Even better if you could say only show me War defends from this team. I’m sure that would make a lot of people angry, but the intended mechanic is that you defend if you can and it makes it harder to win an attack. People game the system too much IMO. Of corse this would change the game for any team who didn’t have solid defending they could never sneak enough attacks in. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  5. id like the invites queue to indicate which are War and not, so that you can’t hide a bunch of decoys behind a red/brown defend button.

I think a minute of lag time before the grayed out ones vanish might be too long, especially if you are getting hammered with a bunch of invites all at once. You’d have to keep scrolling to the right to find the active ones. I’m not sure if a 30-second delay would still be too long.

Further filtering of invites could help with this, but if it were possible, it would be cool if the user could select how long the grayed out display would stay up. I think three options of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 45 seconds would be more than enough for most players.

I also don’t know if there would be a way to animate the invite banners sliding off the screen that forSci mocked up. I’m mentally on the fence about if the invites should just vanish and all the invites still there should jump left, or if the entire strip of invites would scroll slowly enough for you to not accidentally hit the wrong one.

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Nice post @forScience :+1:

Team is looking at it now.


I just realized I like your condensed card a lot better now that I’ve had time to review it. When I was looking over your more spread out version, I realized that at initial glance, I thought there were 6 invites at the top, not 3 lol.

I think I actually prefer the invites staying put but going “blank” and filling in with a new invite better than alternatives. Then the ones at the “end” can eventually dissapear when the attacks die down.

So instead of things shifting to the left, you’d have the invites on the right side eventually vanishing. A 45 second delay until they vanish might be about right, but as always the developers would probably need to play with the timing.

If they could gradually slide left and disappear in one at a time, that’d work too and then it’d still be easier to adjust for as well, as you can tell that the older invites are moving off screen and adjust accordingly. Right now, it’s tap > “!@#$ invite jumped” > join some unintended invite.

Getting replaced with a new one might be a bit disorienting, as it’d be chronologically out of order and then also need to scroll back and forth for when there are more. 1 2 3 4 5 > _ 2 3 4 5 > 6 2 3 4 5 7 8 9

Hmm, yeah, I guess that out of order bit might get confusing after all. I think my previous suggestion was brought on by temporary stupidity due to low blood sugar. I have since eaten and my suggestion 2 hours ago seems silly.

Having the “dead” invites sliding off screen still seems like a good idea though. You’d have to get rid of them somehow, otherwise it’d turn into an unusable mess.

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A filter feature would be great.
I would love to disable RSS banners and banners from wars that are already won or that you don‘t want to fight so you can actually focus on your important war and teams can‘t team up on you to wave together which seems to be unfair as already pointed out in other threads by @Panda .


Agreed. We just fought a team that (yet again) either has some cheat or exploits the invites bar in a way I can’t figure out. They manage to get our biggest bases undefended in waves without triggering the defend yourself (if I wait the banner never shows for my base), and if you just click on the banner and try finding the bases you want it is impossible to click due to the excellent timing of constantly joining attacks that last until it expires.

This game needs less gaming of the system and more true battle to make it fun again. It’s just my opinion, but I know my entire team would prefer the battle was more about winning bases and defense coverage than sneaky tricks that are indistinguishable from cheating.

This same team does a number of other things like can somehow attack in two battles at the same time. Not sure if it requires airplane but I think they are just leading one battle and quitting without showing they quit, and then attacking again while everyone is still busy defending the backup. (Because they sent a giant wave and the whole team is defending).

I digress, but again a filter would be fan freaking tastic. It would make the game more about War/battle again and less about slipping through the cracks. We had 3 teams coordinate vs us a few weeks ago and I would have loved to filter the defends down to just one.

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:wave: Just to promote PGMichael’s update on both banner & battle invites (doesn’t resolve invite jumping but is still a pretty significant improvement) in case people don’t track entire categories:


I’m so happy for these upcoming changes. HUGE quality of life improvement for wars and events.

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