Battle page loading error

Hey Everyone,

Maybe I am late to this and it’s old new to everyone,

But I have noticed recently that when I go to the “attack opponents” Tab, and try and scroll down to find someone to attack, my feed often freezes and I have to go back to my home base and start over. This also happens when I try to select a bookmarked base. Haven’t experienced this is atlas.
Am I late? Or are others aware if this?

Much Love
Fight on,


If you find yourself unable to scroll up or down on the match making list, there is a quick fix that doesn’t involve you having to exit back to your base! Simply hit the “add bookmark” button, then select “no” and your match making list. In the furture you can prevent the game from locking up like this if you wait a few moments before trying to scroll down in the match making list :hugs:

If you are in Atlas and trying to attack the invader and your roster freezes up, you can fix it by hitting the little i button that I circled in red in this screen shot. Then hit the “back” arrow button in the top left corner and it will fix things :upside_down_face:

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