Bazaar Keystones

Hello lovely WD Community & Devs,

I was wondering if there is a way to obtain Bazaar Keystones without buying packs?
I distinctly remember being able to earn quite a few daily, now, they are rarer than Mr. Clean with hair. Any suggestions or plans to bring back the ability to earn Keystones.


From the previous keystone query.

I’m more interested in rider shards myself! Where are my rider shards @PGDave?

Red rider shards can currently be found in the glory training event, and can probably also be found in value packs in the store.

I’m hoping that there’s a plan to make the shards a little bit more available soon. I’m currently in this situation where I don’t have enough rider shards to train a rider to get on the board to get more shards hahah. I do have a prime ready to level that will get me started, but if I didn’t I would be in a world of hurt right now.

You can also strategically use your Atlas Season lines. The first 3 rewards in each armor piece line are 500k gold, 15k crafting shards and 5 rider stones. If you are like me and know you will not be able to reach the armor pierces in a season, you can claim the beginning of multiple armor piece lines and get the goods you need.

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Wish I had known that before :joy:

PG does offer a very sweet package of 110 shards along with 450 keystones for a low price of $99 USD.

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