Bazaar: request for changes



  1. can haste items be replaced by bullhorns

  2. can there be a button option for buying all cards half price for bazaar tokens, and not just rubies?

  3. when say 4/max items have been bought, the “buy remaining” option still charges full price, instead of discounting the ones previously bought


During certain event you could buy all the cards after you claimed the free ine for 250 keystones but it’s gine now


I can buy all the cards for 250 keystone, the option is available only if you have enought keystone.

  1. Both items are available so I don’t know why one should replace the other. I sadly can’t see how many Hastes I own or I could tell you if I have more than I need. But if you’re trying to say that there should be more Bullhorns, then I agree with you. The rare 5 star Bullhorn drop is so low I thought it’s a joke.

  2. It actually does advertise a half price option for I think 125 (or 130) keystones to buy all 50% off but we somehow can’t use it. I believe that should be fixed.


Apparently in one of there recent beta update says bullhorns were ment to increase and I have over 300 keystones and dint have the option to buy all half the time there rubbish fire shards anyway or haste


I have a couple of thousand keystones, the buy all option for 250 is full price, half price would be 125 for buy all.

Haste is a waste of a slot like gold in the bazaar. It serves no purpose in the current game where maximum prime travel time is like 4 mins between zones. Thats literally one fight maximum. Honestly they are way to common, and pretty useless.

(ps not truly a reply to MareZ, more thread reply :relaxed:


According to the info description the buy all button should be 125 or 130 keystone while it actually is 250.


The text in that image in bold applies


Well damn, you’re right. We suck at reading I guess :joy::joy::joy:

Maybe the “125 or 130 keystones” line at the bottom should be removed then?
The Buy All option in the Bazaar will always say 250 or 260 keystones or show the ruby value.

Or you put it in brackets like “(equals 125 or 130 keystones)”?

Or I’m just overcomplicating things and you should ignore this post :see_no_evil:


hehehe. Thats why I want them to remove that line and make the discount apply to keystones as well.

There is no reason why the buy all with keystones shouldn’t be cheaper as well, it is still an earned currency with a ruby value;

So technically 130 Keystones are worth 6500 rubies. So if you spend 130, you should get that value


We will remove the reference to a keystone discount for buying all. Rubies are the only way to get a buy all discount.

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Any chance of making it incorporate cards already bought? Eg if you have 4/9 already that it doesnt take full price for buy all?


The first few cards in a set that you open are intentionally cheaper to give you the opportunity to land that one good pull you want at a cheap price. This initial discount isn’t intended to reduce the buy all price.

The buy-all price doesn’t scale down as then it would always be more efficient to always buy 1 at a time until you get what you want. That is not the intended behavior. In my opinion in the long run the best method is to just buy-all outright, unless you’re a gambler.


I personally find the ruby value of keystones extremely overpriced but that might be because me and my team usually score high in events and get hundreds of keystones per event.

When I see a good drop that I want, I simply open card after card until I have that drop as I don’t get a keystone discount using the buy all option for 250 keystones. So I have a good chance getting my desired drop without having to open all 9 cards.


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