BBB is now the BBB (aka new team color restrictions)


We’ve made a change which requires team colors to be more colorful (in at least one of the three RGB color components). Dark colors didn’t work well on the 3D map (and it drove our entire art team completely nuts … they were head of heels that they can now see both team colors and shadows in the world, haha). Anyway, the BBB and all other black-colored teams (formerly black, though you couldn’t really see it in the 3D world) has been changed to a blue color (so the “BBB” moniker still works). A few other teams with dark colors also had their most saturated color bumped up to the minimum. A fair number of teams were unaffected too.

Team leaders can change their color at any time, but they will be limited to choosing colors which are at least 75% saturated in one of the three color components.

Hope you like the new look as much as our art team!


Thank you Dave. This makes it easier to catch Enemies up :grin:


Hehe. Back when we (Butter) was in BBB and we helped pick the color black we did it for stealth purposes. It was fun. We were trading islands to line everyone up along the enemy we were about to conquer, and did not want them to see the changes occuring, so we masked it by being all black, the same color as the region boarders :smiling_imp:… those were the old days. No infrastructure to worry about, no glory points, just sailors and rum… wait, where did all the rum go?

In recent days the black was more just to look scary… now they can look cheerful! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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