Beannie’s Base for the orphaned FreeXp280-ers 💞


Hi Ya’ll!

Beautiful @Beannie has modified her base to shelter those orphaned when FreeXp280 went inactive. You can look her up by mailing her or by searching for her team, XPfarmsLooseX1, in the Meeting Hall.

Please express your appreciation for her kindness. It will not be easy being possibly the most popular farm in the game … the base owners tend to experience lags and glitches. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

Banned Freexp280?
What xp bases are lvl 1 emebr compatible?

Thank you beannie for your dedication! I know that several teammates of mine used freexp280 to lvl dragons quickly and your willingness to replace it will not go unnoticed. Thank you so much! :grin:


xp base shouldnt have any mages


Mages on islands 1/2 are fine. It might not provide the attacker xp but it brings up the islands defense power. It’s better to have them there than for the spots to be empty. :slightly_smiling_face:


bring up defense power? what for?


Higher defense power gives drops. A high level base gives nothing in drops if the defense power is low.

That’s why treasure bases have towers out on islands 1/2. :+1:t3:


Thanks Beannie, I will be dropping by a few times. :grin:

You even have more exp on the first island.


Just bumping this post back up so others can find this wonderful replacement base for Freexp280-ers :+1:t3::blush:


Kindhearted players help fellow players :+1:t2:


Anyone got a fly-through guide with Ember? I can manage about 30% but something always gets me :expressionless: :t_rex:


Keep at it Hell! You can do it. :+1:t3:

When you figure it out, tell me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Will do :grin: :t_rex:


Sam, have you tried shooting once more right after the turn?
I mean, do you get max exp?


Ok, 36% is my record. Someone beat it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m going to bed ‘cause I gotta be up in five hours. :t_rex:


Yes, I get max if I hit the small island. My backer won’t have Ember evolved so certain death for it when going that far.


I mean, even if I don’t have cloak, at least I can shot 1 (2 with double spot I think…) more tower


Yes. Ember would be able to shoot a tower and insta-die. :joy:


@Lutrus, what ya doing? Got time to help a raptor out? :upside_down_face:


You can shoot on the turn and swap before something hits you. :t_rex:


That requires hand eye coordination :flushed: