Beast daily reset time not synced with gold multi reset time

I have noticed over the last week that my beasts are not resetting daily at the same time as the gold multipliers (beasts resetting one hour later at xp reset time), thus making it difficult to make best use of the reset multiplier with a wide choice of beasts to go after. Anyone else noticing this? I would like the beasts to reset at the same time as gold multis reset.

Closest topic I can find in the last few months is Daily Beast and Xp Multi reset times but this isn’t quite the same issue I have.


Sorry, mine seem to be in sync with gold reset. :confused::woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m facing the same issue as OP mentioned. I’m in Asian time zone.

The time zone you are in should not affect it as it should be based on server time. Though it is still good to mention regardless of what issue is being discussed.

Mine always synchs/de-synchs with daylight savings time. From March to November, gold resets an hour sooner than xp multies and beast respawns. From November to March they happen simultaneously.


And the same with event start time.
Somehow, dragon multipliers doesn’t depend on summer/winter, while Atlas and events - do, even though they are on server.

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I’ve never noticed this because apart from a FEW very rare occasions, I’ve always been asleep when the reset happened :joy:


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