Beasts Don’t Give Any XP Boosts 🤔


Just noticed this, I was under the impression beasts were supposed to give bonus xp just like mines and it says it does as well…
(Was gonna post this in the discussion thread but it got closed so didn’t know where to ask this lol)

But I’m apparently not getting any boost whatsoever. 1.08mil per hit just like the normal game attacks :man_shrugging:

4.92 Bugs and anomalies

Did the poachers give boosted XP?

Not for me… So I assume Beasts won’t either.


They should, compared to poachers. But they don’t. From the desription of the update: “Attacking Beasts gives the same XP multiplier as attacking a Mine.”
Also this bonus is listed among others.


Yep it said it would give the same bonus as mines…


That’s a good assumption, unless you actually read the release notes.

Or if you looked at the “bonuses” that the beast gives, either in your own game or in OP.


@Arelyna @PGJared @PGChocolate

This intentional or…? A fix for this would be great before the season is released.


I noticed the same thing. 90k xp on Gold mine, 75k xp on beast. Same dragon so its not a rider/rune thing.


Dear Lutrus,

I stopped giving credit to the release notes when i was 45. That was a year ago.

Since I got access to Atlas poachers have given only base max xp, and I didn’t pay attention whether it was supposed to be like that or not.

As long as the mine gives what I expect it to, I’m happy.


Going to close this one as there are other threads talking about it, and I don’t want my replies to get lost. Feel free to continue the conversation in either the Version 4.92 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread or 4.92 Bugs and anomalies. Thanks!