Beasts spawning positions

Can we have the position that beasts spawn be at least 1/2 a square away from castles target area please?

It’s soooo damn annoying when the beast spawns right on the castle rim and you keep selecting the castle to hit and then have to keep zooming in until you can finally select the beast.

thx :slight_smile:


Totally agree… it’s very annoying… especially where 2 castles in adjacent areas (one is a red zone) are right next to eachother with 2 beasts overlapping eachother… there is so much empty space in the area that could be spread out into…
And beasts in the new lands seem to always spawn in these same 2 locations :man_shrugging:t3:



I don’t want to zoom in whenever I get this. :sob:

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Sent a ticket to support regarding this a while back. Evident that it made a big impact lol.


Yes please. So annoying

1000% agree. This is yet another small fix that has a positive impact on quality of life.

I have to zoom in to even see the beasts they’re so close to castles. I had honestly thought they stopped spawning for whatever reason and were maybe only spawning on the new islands for the special people now.

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