🤔 Because this category is green, more green dragons?

Yes? :smiley:

(And green as in green colored, not green/emerald tier <.< >.>)

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Now that you mention it, I do notice a suspicious lack of green… :thinking::thinking::thinking: :t_rex:

Prepare the tinfoil hats!

Though Coatl is green, and Huitzil has green armor :see_no_evil:

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I know there’s Arborius and that Amarok recolor in the lower tiers but higher-up there’s like no green :rofl: It’s all dull colors and black. Then again, I’m not up very far so I don’t have many of those dragons colored in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:

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Wait until the festive dragon shines in green.

I hope it’s covered in moss and has a flower growin’ out of its head! We need more plant dragons too. :t_rex:


Oh, Hantu, I couldn’t think of that one the other day when Amarok-model recolors came up :smiley:

There are more, but Leviathan and Luminark early on then Deci and somewhat Nier later on are the only other ones I remember offhand.

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Would’nt that make amarok a recolor of hantu rather than the other way around? xd


Quetz is green and blue :wink: more green than blue though. With an accent of red.

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I want Quetz…

I want leprechauns, they are green and have lots of gold…i want their gold!

Sounds like estril the angry cabbage


I’ve always thought of estril as flying venus flytrap but angry cabbage lmao

I used to want a green swamp dragon and nollaig kinda fulfilled that. Though its more of darker green.

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Some of dragons from the higher tiers have some green though

No, not Estril the Angry Cabbage. It’s actually Estril the Angry Watermelon!

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I’ll have you know my estril is named angry cabbage, he shoots watermelon, but his head is a cabbage

:rofl: Watermelon or Jolly Rancher dragon to me, always thought of it as brown, but true, the wings and bit of the body have green.

No love for Habrok?

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HABROK! I love that one’s design. How dare I forget :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:

:scream: forgot about Habrok, must repent