Because we love this


This post is because we all love opening event screen to see quests then exiting and realize your stuck

  • Kingdom Wars

Yup, you have to take a banner and go into the battle in order to escape the bsod.


Shouldnt have to is my point and this one to

yet on other ipad no issues


Well, duh. It’s a bug. The taking a banner is the only known workaround.


@Crisis @Arelyna please help him :slight_smile:


Only had a banner cuz i hit my self im not waiting duh ik that i posted here and support so they can fix it like duh


I believe the top of my post says support as well shall i add bug with it genius


Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. I test software professionally, so I take some things for granted that perhaps I shouldn’t.

The black screen is something I’ve seen once in a while for quite a few months. It’s kinda rare. I would hope they’re aware of this one, it’s nothing new, but it never hurts to log the issue to make sure.


No offense was made u just made it seen like im dumb! But all honestly it happens mostly during pvp anymore


It always happens at the worst possible moment

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They only make you feel dumb during PvP?

I feel dumb during all events…


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haha yea only pvp pretty much kinddumb wars haha but the rest the game just closes and or gives me error messages

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Just trying to make you smile… Game is running terrible (again) since the latest update. I really don’t get the reasons this is a continual issue.

I understand “Fail Fast” is a generally acceptable principle of software development but I don’t think you’re supposed to aim for failing fast repeatedly…

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Kinda like this wtf is this


That looks like the one I had to clear my cache to get rid of. Once I had to clear cache, uninstall and re-install.

Good times

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You get these errors a lot when TW is involved in any sort of atlas.


Tw gets on my nerves :smile:

Most times u cant defend it rejects ya and it is stupid