Become part of FuriousRebels Now!

Recruiting: Proactive Players.
LFM – PLAT II with ATLAS – FuriousRebels – LVL150+

Language: English
Time Zone: UK/EU/US
Played time:N/A
Age Range: Any with a mature attitiude.
Elite Account?: N/A
Dragon Roster Includes: Saphire
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any Saphire
About: FuriousRebels are going under a new change of pace. With Atlas now in our gaming arsenal you have an opportunity to join a group of like minded players that want to aim for the top by working as a team and overcoming obstacles. We have an amazing variety of friendly players that are very keen to help those who ask. As well as focusing on Atlas, we are not shy of a scrap when it comes to WAR or Events, we want to win them all. If you you think FuriousRebels is for you, dont hesitate, the times now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Post, good gaming!

For anymore information or questions find me IGN: Momoshiguru

We have a line Chat for set up for social and IG feed.

Looking to fill a couple of spots for the right players that are interested in Atlas, and have a very competitive nature in events. A newly established team in atlas with a castle and a strong alliance that support us. Hope to find you! Thanks :pray:t2:

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