Becoming War MVP


I’m very fortunate to be on a team of players 100+ levels higher than me. Usually, the same group of big dogs :muscle: earns the war MVP title, but every once in a while, a small fry, in comparison, earns it. What exactly is considered for the MVP title?


I believe when we looked at it before, I believe a lot of it is tied to defense over attacks. @mechengg might have a spreadsheet for this.


There was a suggestion thread on the old forums that ended up discussing it in detail with someone posting the point breakdown; if the smaller bases are getting MVP, it’ll likely be from defense, other than trying to join every attack. Things like breaking a shield from the cannon supershot and other defenses are weighted pretty heavily, even if someone has more than 200 flames contributed, haha.


I thought it was joining attacks and defending


I’ve always thought that being MVP meant you were number One in more categories than anyone else, be that either in defense or attack and defense.


I’ll look for it but there was a chart of categories that are scored in wars. Each category gives different points based on their “value” in wars. Whomever scores the most points wins MVP. I can tell you active defenses and shooting down dragons on defense and your base earn the most points.



^^^This is the one you are looking for


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