Been a while hasn't it

Yeah I’m alive busy last three season getting a threepeat of mythical be going for this one to give xul company

How have yall been doing

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who dis


I’m the ghost from your past

Do you know how little that narrows it down?

(For the record I know who you are lol)

I think I’m the only person that got a thread closed from 10k+ post on a thread

Ask one of the regular people that be on forums

That’s my thread

Blood wiser is the king of off topic threads, a little before your time lol.

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I was gonna go back and quote you Saying “don’t speak to me unless you want to get PG’s legal team and your alliance’s leadership involved again.” However, I could not find that.
I think you get the point…

I know I had to be gone at least 6 months


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