Begging quests; rather than Team quests

Why do we have to beg for attack to use supershot 400 times? how meaningless!
Is that the situation does PG really want ?

PG wants people to fight more (hence the “destroy bases” or “use boosts”) because they know we’re lazy and arent going to defend bases without an incentive or fight additional bases without resource/egg token incentive.

Now if anything they messed up on their estimates on how much aggression this update would cause. They assumed people would be hitting a lot so people would be defending a lot.

It’s a really weird situation we’re in right now in LC where everyones tugging on each other for runs lmao but yeah i get what you’re trying to say. It’s just what they intended and what happened had a severe disconnect (which happens most of the time)

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There is already a thread on this topic with responses from PG.

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