Beginner Base Building (Levels 1-35)

So you’re new to War Dragons and you finished the tutorial; what should you do now?

First and foremost, the most important rule of base building is to build up, not out.

You have 40 spots for towers, don’t use them all! It’s much more beneficial to have 10 strong towers than to have 40 weak ones, or even 20 mediocre ones. As you level up you can slowly increase your number of towers, but for now, start with 5 towers plus your farms.

The islands of your base are classified as islands 1-8 with #1 being the closest to your main island and #8 being the furthest.

I’ll preface this by saying this guide is written for players level 35 and under.

I would recommend that you begin by placing your farms (Sheep farms and lumber mills) on island #1 which is directly in front of your main island. While it’s not necessary, I’ve found that at this point in the game it is beneficial to place a red mage between your farms. Many dragons that attack your base at this point in time have either red aoe (area of effect) spells (some examples being freeze and fireball) or a red death gaze. By placing a red mage between your farms, you’ll make it more difficult for attackers to use common spells that cause substantial damage to your farms.

Next, I’m going to recommend that you focus on just 5 offensive towers for the time being. Maybe you looked at some of the biggest bases in the game and decided you want your base to be just like theirs because it must work. Well, it does, but it takes time to get to that point.

Before we talk about what towers you should start with, let’s discuss why I’m suggesting you keep all your towers on island #1/2. As I’m sure you’ve begun to notice, there are many different consumables (I call them combustables but Ingy isn’t okay with that :innocent:) you can earn and use in the game. You also might have noticed the different monuments around your base, these are different shrines, statues, or even a lighthouse and they’re locations where you can apply boosts or runes to your base. Island 1/2 are the only two islands which share the same monument. This means that instead of boosting two separate island monuments, you’ll be saving half the boosts to boost just one which will still benefit all your towers. The same goes for runes, since good runes will take time to get, by utilizing island 1/2 and the joint monument, you’ll be able to focus on collecting and leveling a few select runes.

Now what are the most important towers to build at the beginning? I’m going to recommend you begin with a Storm tower (Unlocks at level 5), Red mage (level 13), Blue mage (level 16), Cannon (level 3), and Archer (level 1).

What are these towers?

Storm- Continuous beam attack, its super shot creates a protective shield around the adjacent towers protecting them from damage

Red Mage/Blue Mage- Protects from dragons using red or blue spells respectively, their super shots will dragon rage from attacking dragons (rage is what dragons use to cast spells)

Cannon- Fires cannonballs at the attacking dragon, its super shot will break the attacking dragon’s shield

Archer- Fires arrows at the attacking dragon, its super shot is a faster attack with longer range

Now that we know what each tower is, how should they be arranged? (Reminder that this is my recommendation and the reasoning behind it)

First, place the red mage in the center. This will provide protection from red spells to the other 4 towers around the mage. Next, place the blue mage in the front left, this will make it so a dragon can’t cloak or create a shield immediately when coming to your towers. Place the storm in the back left, this will make it harder to hit (as it’s behind a mage with a large splash zone). You want to make the storm difficult to hit as it’s protecting your other towers. This leaves your archer and cannon. Because your archer has a longer attack range, I would place it on the back right and the cannon on the front right space.

You might notice that the towers that make up the majority of some bigger bases are showing as locked for you, they’ll start to unlock around level 45! However, these special towers require special building materials so it’ll take awhile for you to earn enough of these to build up these towers.

One more tidbit of advice I’ll give you is to make sure you stay up to date leveling your main base buildings. It’s very easy to get carried away just focusing on your attacking towers, but your main base buildings are of equal importance. These buildings will allow you to store more resources, have higher level dragons, level your other towers more, etc.

Also, don’t build a ballista. Please.

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I have always, and will always call them that :joy: but I suppose I’ll add consumables in just so there’s no confusion… (Edit: I also feel the need to add that Ingy is a friend)



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@FIame , I’m so glad I’ve seen this, I absolutely agree with every detail, and its tedious having to explain this so many times, all the new players that have made any attempt to research base builds seem to follow a 15 tower design.

This is my current level 35 alt (31k DP before levelling the 2 mages)


I’m very impressed with this actually, you’ve clearly done a lot of research here. Can I just add, placing a level 1 tower on area 4 hugely benefits active defense because it counteracts connection delays but isnt so far they gain significant rage


Nice. This is the sort of content which should be pre-populated in wikis. @PGGalileo

If people need to build extra towers for points but are capped, I tell them to build mages - rage drain/delay out front. Never hurts to invest in mages.


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Hmm … ok, but it should be in-game, not forums. Relatively few people read the forums. Of course, we have detailed wikis … which team members don’t read, either.

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Can you think of other topics that would be good to have out there for new players?


Great post, and is what teach new players myself, the ones that listen and want to learn how to play properly that is. Have always tried my best to keep them from making mistakes. The problem with posting here is most new players do not bother with the forums, and if their not communicating and engaging with their guild it is unfortunate that their going to make mistakes.