Beginner Base Building (Levels 1-35)

They said they cant delete that if they do they will delete all sub page :sweat:
@PGGalileo can you help me with this
Ticket number: 2187580
Still a noob trying to touch these kind of code lol

I might see if we can send a link to this guide to players under level 35 through in-game mail. Could be useful!


If that’s your main page, yes it will delete all subpages. If it’s on its own subpage, they can delete just the subpage.

Well gotta rewrites everything lol
Gonna take a day like last time

Weird :thinking: That’s the one that worked for me because Flame’s gave an error - I wonder why this is happening

And I sent a ss of the specific sub page I wanted deleted and they seemed to have no problem deleting just that one without touching others :flushed:

That is an awesome portrait u have @flame :slight_smile:

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I actually edited mine last night after it started giving people errors, it’s the exact copy of what’s in my wikis, are people still getting errors from it?

It may have to do with people typing it in manually instead of copying, and Apple tends to be “helpful” and make all the quotation marks pretty and curly, breaking the html completely.


What are you trying to get at?
You start to sound like a jerk yourself accusing them of having bad motivations behind what they say

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I actually didn’t have good advice when building my base originally. My first team actually kicked me for asking too many questions. Long story short my base was a mess until merge came out, and now I’m really proud of it. I don’t want others to make the same mistakes I made. When I created buddy I wanted to be able to everyone from the newest player to the highest. The info I post here is also being posted on buddy and my Instagram to try to reach as many players as possible.

And tbh I’ve been writing them while in Spanish class, I can’t hear my professor in the back of the room so :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I need something I can write by heart.

I’m building up with each guide, for example, I created one yesterday about supershots for each tower. Tomorrow or Saturday I’ll write one about successful base defending and I’ll be able to incorporate the supershots into it.

I’m making the resources I wish I had when I started playing, and as long as a single person finds them useful, that’s good enough for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Is that what have been doing for 5+ years, doing PG job for them :thinking: Granted have not post whole guides, though the Wiki in my guild is quite extensive, have purposely left some, not critical information out as want new players to communicate and engage with rest of guild by asking questions ect…Having always constantly offer help, no matter what it is, but breaking the ice on communication has to happen before the learning begins. There seems to be invisible obstacles as to the behavior of new players, and sometimes just do not get it :roll_eyes:


Seriously :flushed::neutral_face: That is so wrong :woman_facepalming: Better reasons for kicking then that.


Wiki is somewhat private but to a point yes… PG us good at getting their players to do what they should be doing for them.

Figured as much :roll_eyes::joy: Understand what you mean, and no do think everyone is well aware that accurate information and viable game tutorials has not been PGs strong suit, though hopefully is being changed at least for the new players now. Noticed this years ago and have done best can to help new ones properly learn game, as did not have anyone to teach me, and made plenty of mistakes with my account, so try to make sure others do not do the same. If they do, then was not because of lack of trying and communicating this to them, is because they are not listening for whatever reason.


So because we care more
Than PG does we shoukd
Do their job for them? I get that, just don’t agree. If PG won’t step up, I believe we should let them fail, despite all our personals attachments to this what could have been a great game.

Do it for my guild, in hopes that it will come together finally and be a strong one for the waiting all these years. If it means that have been doing PG job, on a one on one basis with every player that is or has been in my guild, so be it guess. Is it right, no, but not going to hold my breathe that PG is going to compensate me properly for the time have spent doing so.

Ah but you are doing what should happen vs what this post is doing. Do it for your team. Community should teach, but on a personal level. General community posts don’t make the game better. But being part of a supportive informed team can make this mediocre at best game feel great. And I am of the opinion that generic posts such as what flame is doing will not encourage team mmmmmm a supporting team atmosphere which is what should occur in this game.

Basic info should be OGs responsibility, which they have failed to produce.

More advanced and useful stuff should come from teams… not something that should easily found on forums IMO

This really says a lot about you, it’s people who have questionable motives themselves who tend to think others must have them too and can’t possibly just be helpful.

You haven’t played this game in ages, what motivates you to try to sabotage it time and again? Got rejected and bearing a grudge? Payed by competition? Why don’t you talk about your motives to keep hanging out here first?


don’t try to ask him questions, you can get an answer in about two months. Lol


You know he is in my team right ? :joy:. And yes he is grumpy but like you said he has being here for a very long time so he knows a lot about this game and his all time intentions are to help this game and the awful management we have. We all are newbies in compare to mike @Morreion.

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