Beginner Error or Catch Up Event

It seems to me that a regular PvP event could be set up to allow players to use their sigils to work through series of prizes that include stones for past dragons. Tiers could be set up by dragon color levels. Many people begin play by getting as many dragons as possible not realizing the value of the evolution stones.

Another common beginner error is to post a suggestion for bringing back old evolution stones.

It’s been suggested and rejected many times before, use the search in the top right if you want to know why.


Excuse me for not researching much deeper before adding a suggestion.

Didn’t mean to be harsh, sorry if it came over like that. It’s just that this one comes up about twice a week, every week.

Thank you for letting me know that you didn’t mean to be harsh. Sometimes these things happen when written language is all we have to go by. I have been reading over the many suggestions for this idea. I understand that the game developers have basically said no, still if this is something that is brought up so often maybe the developers should look at the option again. I don’t think the stones should be easy to get but once a year could benefit those who are getting frustrated with the game.

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One of the main reasons is that many players have payed hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get those stones when they were available, with the understanding that it’s a now-or-never limited edition deal.

If PG were to bring back older stones, there would be a massive amount of claims, and nobody would ever spend anywhere near as much on getting those stones again, it would be financial suicide to bring them back.

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I hope this will implemented, so that I would stop grinding myself and just wait for it to be offered :man_shrugging:.
Less effort, then I get bored, then I quit.

Just take it as a lesson learned and look forward to getting something new this season. Keep looking forward.

If anything, perhaps pg should try to better communicate to new players both the limited time and the important function of evolution stones so that fewer make this mistake.

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Old official responses.

These dragons were one time deals… players grinded and spent good money to obtain and get as far with the stones as the did. It would be wrong to allow players later to be able to continue getting stones or dragons that they did not work towards previously. A big vote no!

:laughing: I know you’re lurking @Psarus


Unfortunately this is one of those topics that has been raised a fair few times. Not just this forum but the old one also.

There are a few if you want to read through the suggestions, such as:
Getting old evolution stones back?.

@henfon Have to agree communication about it would be better.

You should be applying for the Mod :wink: