Being able to change or fully level up riders

I think that you should be able to fully level up( not sure what to call it but it’s the part where you level up the buffs and stuff) riders and/or be able to change the buffs that you get the first time. So basically you’ll be able to reset your points and go a different route.
What do you guys think?

I’d be fine with a reset for a cost.


Can we also get the ability to rename our riders while you are at it? Thanks :pray:t2:


Yeah, I benched Aster a long time ago, yet Aster F&$#@* still rides… :man_facepalming:

Last season I got just enough shards to hire Portia so I could use her on atlas rider quests using stars but I had held off hiring her because I hated “Portia” as a name. When I had finally found a name I liked and double checked the spelling, I hit the enter/return key on my external keyboard :sob: Now “Portia” is still freaking Portia instead of being some one cool like Maleficent :sob::sob::sob:


I called my Portia “Salem Witch Nyx.”

Added an extra o due to generous gear in the first page.

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