Being able to transfer EXP from a stalled Divine Dragon

By a “stalled “ Divine dragon I mean you don’t have the evolve stone to take it to the next level. For one reason or another you didn’t work your way to Harbinger Evolve Stone (or platinum or…). But that Divine dragon is still your most powerful dragon at the moment so you are using it & adding useless experience. Why not be able to transfer those excess EXP to other dragons (or just other Devine dragons). A process similar to what is currently available for Expert Dragons


Yes please! I think I have 150mil on my Kinnarus that I can’t use, as its stalled out @ garnet.

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It is pretty expensive to use rubies to transfer experience though, and not very worth it. If they could decrease ruby cost though…


so by this you mean you have use all the extra xp on other tier dragon? enki too?
this cost a huge amount of rubies, I dont know if anyone would use this instead of buying 200% extra xp and train normally

I was thinking only Divine to Divine, and not have to use rubies since Divine aren’t bred nor do they breed, and they take significant amount of effort to obtain.

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It’s a lot cheaper to grab your 100% boosts attach to dragon and do a few runs lol for the xp

The effort to get divine and bred dragon is quite the same. You can play normally and obtain a platinum stone for divine (even this is the first season you play) but you wont reach to platinum tier within a season that easy.

In simpler term, you ask for a method to transfer xp without the cost of rubies (with the twist of divine to divine). From my point of view, PG has no reason to do this.

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