Being able to use a assigned dragon rune or glyphs in another dragon

This question goes to pg. why you don’t allowed the players to use it again a dragon rune or glyph that have been already assigned? I mean we can do that to the towers in our bases we paid with rubies and we are able to use them again, so why can you allow us to the same with the dragons runes and glyphs?

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There is already an actively thread about this. Please use the thread below instead, so all comments and such will be in the same place. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can a mod please close this thread? I’m not sure who all of the mod are, but I know these two names.

@ModMat @TheRedDelilah


You can just @moderators

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Thank youuuu!! :kissing_heart: can you @ PG employees in mass too? That would be nice to @ PGAtlas and have it sent to all PG employees who work with Atlas.

I usually just tag them individually lol. Have their @ tags saved in one of my notes in the apple notes app :laughing: just pull that up, copy, and paste away :smile:

You can still ping hidden groups by guessing at their name and confirming in the groups page, but that’s really just a waste of peoples’ time pinging on things they have nothing to do with; it’s better to ping appropriately based on the roles thread.