Being attacked by low levels

I am a level 300+ base, and since last night, I have had a rash of attacks by players level 14 and below. They send two or three dragons to die magnificently at my first perch, causing absolutely zero damage to my base.

My questions are:

  1. Has anyone else experienced this lately?
  2. Does anyone have any idea what they are trying to accomplish? I know at one time there was a “feature” where you could get max xp if you could destroy one tower, but I thought that was fixed, plus they don’t even destroy anything.
  3. How is it that they even FIND my base since we aren’t in the same leagues, and there is no way I should be showing up on their targets list.

It’s not really a problem, just a curiosity. I’m just wondering if anyone else is seeing this lately.

You’re on the top Weekly Contributions Leaderboard. This is what happens, enjoy the same invites to crappy teams too.


If they’re low levels and using death gaze to kill one tower they get max xp, to solve that stick a red Mage up front, they will waste the multis and eventually go away empty handed

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If I remember right you need to destroy at least 5% of a base in order to receive XP?!
Maybe they did try that?
Maybe it´s an alt of someone trying to piss you off?

Enjoy the rubbies :wink: :gem::gem::gem:


I always find it entertaining to be hit by lower level players. I always watch replays :tumbler_glass::popcorn:

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As I said, they are doing ZERO damage, and using multiple dragons, so they CAN’T be getting full, or maybe even ANY xp.

Holy crap! How did THAT happen? I didn’t think I was that busy.

Then just a bunch on gnats

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