Being Teamless During an Event

What is it like playing an event with no team? Of course I am aware that you do not get the final team rewards, nor do you get the final team quest chest. Apart from those two things, what is it like playing solo in an event?

This is just a question.

I think during PvP you can’t do anything, but I could be wrong on that. Breeding and Fort are just normal, I’ve done breed teamless before, but can’t remember anything aside from that.


This is correct.


At what point can you? If you create a team of 1? Does it need a second player, an alt maybe.

I am not looking to do it. Just curious.

If you want a team that has 0 requirements, and has atlas …
You can join skyphoenix
It’s a place for low activity players, alts, whoever. My alt is there.
You’ll only get kicked by the system for no activity, and then you can join again.

Lv 6 should be able to. For event, I believe lv 10 or so.


Thanks not looking for team just interested in the conversation.

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