Best 2 flak combo for kill island


No 2 mages or flaks in the same cluster of 3. Examples:
DF Storm




Ahhhh yes, gotcha.
Time to do some adjusting :eyes: :t_rex:


Id say iceflak since you have df already


Earth Flak could replace both IT and Storm, so maybe consider that and moving something from your back island up to kill, like Cannon or Archer (with all the elemental resists out there, these can be useful again IMO). It won’t be long before your home island towers will be nearly the same level as your kill I suspect.


I’m a noob but the way I see it, IF is ultimately the most useful long term because of all these stupid new Vanguards. But until then, IF is less useful than a FF. You can’t really utilize Earth Flak to its full potential without a third flak unless you wanna plop a fire turret in there for shits n giggles. Electro Flak is. Meh? From what I’ve heard.

I’ve been thinking about this too and decided I’m going to build a FF to replace my Ice Turret because I’m likely never going to reach Vanguard. I’ll either never be able to overcome the 300 wall as an E2P player OR the game will bite the bullet first.


I’m really evenly split between fire and ice. I have fire on mine, but I’ve also already gotten it. I was working on an ice as my third. But didn’t have it up to a sufficient level to use it just yet.

Ice lets you stop more spells than a cannon (and you don’t have a cannon on your kill island anyway). Fire in the back gives you a chance to follow a stun with a damage reduction, which is a shot at out hammering the damage.


So yesterday I attacked a base with 2 defenders. It had the fire flak. Towers were all lower level than mine, but between the FF supershot damage reduction and 2 people spamming hammers - I couldn’t take the island. That was an eye-opening experience, and I think it may have swayed me in that direction. It’s still a few weeks away though, so I am still open to suggestions.


On a similar note:

It will take me ~609 days of speedups to get a new flak to level 54, but during this breeding event, I was able to get enough builder hut eggs to open up my max tower to level 56. So in the short term (before I hit the 300 mountain), what are your opinions on building a new flak for the 609 days vs building up my big 5 all to level 56, and bank the 59 days for the next fort (now ~2 months away)? I am leaning towards waiting till I hit 300 to add the new flak, but I am always open to suggestions.

Also, I am thinking about going back to the rage drain + long mid setup (currently a microbase). I do have the pearls to get my mid perch high enough to put my apophet on it - but I am not sure how well the rage drain works if there’s a rage anchoring perch right there :thinking: Any opinions on which is more effective for you, or even which is harder for you take take down?


I successfully kept a micro past 340. Just when I was about to switch to mid long, new levels came out… And new dragons and new levels. So, I ran out of gas and kept the micro. I wasn’t able to sustain enough towers at max levels for a strong mid long.

If you run into capping problems, keep working on another set, that way you’re not starting from scratch. Just keep it in storage until you’re ready to bust it out. That’s my opinion anyway. I know some would say to save the speedups. But for a while I had nothing to level, so I was working on another set that would have let me go mid long. Timers were my only bottleneck.


My kill island is this ( Warrior and Rider on Perch )


For most below level 300 who can only keep up two flaks, a combo of fire and dark is gonna be the most efficient when combo’d with storm and two mages.

Past 300, when Oni, Jotun, etc. become a problem, switch the storm for an ice and they die quick.


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