Best 2022 base layout for lvl 400+ without donations, please!

Good day!

Would like to ask an advice from community how to develop or possibly fully restructure my base.
I’m now lvl 410 and base defence is just 1,43B fully boosted. What seems for me as extremely low.

Base screenshot:

Tried to put here a screenshot of my base.

Base rider is now free Defender and his gear is epic or legendary. I know that I’ll need a Crome and elite gear.
Main question is what is the better way to restruct a base WITHOUT donations in the case that I got from season about 80k sigils. So dont have too much resourses to maintain 4 flaks and so on. I think that my maximum is 2 flaks, howitzer, drakul pilon OR cosmic orery and ice or another turret. And classical building from wood. Possibly in the future will get more sigils and will be possible to maintain one more “not-from-wood” building - so will be nice if you will tell me what it could be.

I’m ok with almost fully restructuring my base with merging or transformations to get a deficit XP and freeze a level for creating a better base. And I think/heard that will be much more better on my level to move to a middle long island.

Please advice what you could advice me to build and where?
If you will name base islands with numbers - could you please be so kind to explain what number is what island you mean?
Big thanks for your help in advance.

Believe me when I say that this number is NOT what you want to be basing your layout on. You can have a significantly lower number than you expect and have a much stronger layout

That first island does look a little short on threats. The ice turret doesn’t really do much outside of buff hp there and you can probably change that for an ice flak or something that does damage


I say Build 10 tower kill island no need to jump to island 2,3,4,5. because island 1 is the further to reach, in short even if they beat your base you will have chance to kill attackers base faster in this speed meta, and place mage towers in empty spots.

As has been mentioned, if you have 10 offense towers, might as well clump them in one place. Each clump of five towers is an “island” counting out from your main base, so you have farms on “island 1,” a lightening tower on “island 2,” and a dark flak on “island 3.” I would recommend leaving the farms where they are, but moving your ten best offensive towers to islands 4 and 5.

In terms of what towers to build, you say you can support two flaks, so I’d recommend an ice flak in addition to the dark flak. (When you can make a third flak, go all in with another ice flak is my opinion, that way you can have one on island 5 and one on island 4.) You seem to already have a good howitzer, which is fine. When you can afford to, make an orrery for island 5, when you can afford to later, make an orrery for island 4. I have a pylon, but I play a lot and get a lot of resources from season lines and chests, so I have enough electrum to keep all 4 leveling. Orrerys are great!

In terms of “wood towers,” I think levelling two of each mage tower is okay, I do one red and two blue instead, but maybe a second red mage is good? Keep the storm tower, at least until you have two orrerys (I have a low level storm sitting by my farms, isn’t useful, but meh). I’d recommend turning the cannon and arrow into lightening towers. Three lightening towers on one island makes their supershot sting! (If they are max level, that is.)

Speaking of level, you are doing a great job keeping towers near the top for your level. Getting to 410 just unlocked level 80 towers I think, so go for it! I would recommend prioritizing having towers at their max level over levelling lots of towers. Few max levelled towers are better than many low levelled towers.

Looks like a good start though, cheers!


Thank you @Tecmagus for your reply. So you propose such towers on the islands 4-5:
Dark Flak, Ice Flak, Howitzer, Orrery, 3 Lightning Towers, Storm Tower (which will change in future to second Orrery) - its already 8 towers - two left places - what place there - blue and red mage?
How to place all of them - what place to island 4 and what to island 5?

What about Ice Turret I have almost maximized (I said I could maintain one turret as far as it needs “personal” type of resourses)?

What about second red and blue mages - put them near the farms or what?

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I have never built up a turret, so I am not sure how they are used effectively (if at all…)

Let’s hypothetically say island 5 (the first one an attacking dragon comes to) has a dark flak (closest to where the dragon starts since it has short range), a red mage, a blue mage, an ice flak, and a storm tower. Then island 4 (the back half) gets the howitzer, three lightening towers, and an orrery. Personally, I’d put the orrery at the front (of the back half), and the rest can probably be adjusted to preference.

If you want to keep the ice turret, probably put on island 5 (someone who understands these things maybe chime in here). Trouble is that ice turrets are basically defensive, and you don’t want too many defensive towers because you will struggle to do enough damage. The good news is that the howitzer and lightening towers at the back are very offensive and have nice long ranges, so you might be able to “get away” with putting the ice turret on island 5 instead of the ice flak.

Just to give you an idea what I did myself, my island 5 is dark flak and blue mage up front, red mage in the middle then orrery and ice flak in the back. On island 5 I start out with another orrery and a pylon, howitzer in the middle, then ice flak and blue mage at back. I am not sure about the usefulness of the last two, they are mainly there to “trip up” people who get surprised by them suppressing their shield/spells suddenly at the end; maybe catch someone with a surprise howitzer hit. I’m level 520-ish and I’m just getting to the point where I can support more than 10 towers, so I’m starting to work on my first lightening tower for a set of 3 on a new island someday in the future. (It’s around level 40, so long way to go…)

Work of crafting elite gear if possible. Pick one type of gear and craft it nonstop until you get elite. Then move to the next and so on. It will help a ton.


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