Best Atlas Defence Rider?

Hey everyone.
I’m a level 153 and should be able to finish the Atlas Seasonal Rider branch this season for the 500 Blue Dragon Shards. Just wondering which do you think is the best Atlas Defence Rider? Crom? Ryva? Kasima? Antonius?
I don’t need Construction Time Boost since I have already maxed the generic ‘Defender’ rider and plan to put it on Perch 1 and put Atlas Rider on Perch 2 to get less upgrade time as well as a better defence power.
Here is my base BTW.

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Crom is best for most situations.

Ryva gives good bonuses to mages, lightning towers and pylons .

Kassima is good for multiple flaks but I think you can only boost 2 types, and she’s really only better than crom if you have 2 of each type in the affected islands.


Here’s a support comparative summary sheet for your reference (based on your preferred riders).

Source: Riders - Defensive - Neon War Dragons (


For your base it’s Crom. You’d need to be heavy on one or two tower types for the others to make sense.



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Crom for sure

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Kesinlikle kasima ileri levellerde üssüne çeşitli hava savunma kuleleri yapacağın için mutlaka kasima almalısın bende kasima var üssümü inceleyebilirsin

I know the solution was chosen, but in his place and given the level he is, I would have used Ryva as rider. Ryva configured for RM full, BM half and LT half. At his level the dragons have problems to kill fast the Mages and making a little harder to kill mages is better IMO. The LT are also important at his level given that not many dragons have a “native” LT resist and 10% attack boost isn’t to ignore.
The difference of 2% HP between Crom and Ryva for the other towers isn’t something to write home about. Again, this is what I’d do given the layout of the base presented above.


I don’t disagree. Personally I don’t think either choice would be a mistake.

The Red and Blue Mage bonuses would be great but I am not levelling up my Lightnings at the back since I will be transforming one of them into an Ice Flak pretty soon. Think I might stick to Crom.

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