Best Atlas Device

Herrow guys i am looking at forum ( prety sure u were talk it once ) but sadly cant found anythink …

I am looking a “tablet” models which can be work smooth at Aligane and I am complitly open to your ideas

PS ; PewPew Topic if its exist and show me the way pls :smile:

iPad is pretty much the only sensible option if you’re getting a tablet specifically for WD.

And the model ? iPad pro air 2 has some issues so if u guys know better then ? please let me know :heart:

i am playing on iPad 9.7" 6th Gen and it works fine. (i still got crashes from time to time, but rarely) What i observed (comparing to iphone) is that on iphone game seems to be in background more successfully , so when i switch to other app and back to game, i am on game when i left, on ipad - its restarting game from scratch.

yum yum thank you :pray:

I use the exact same basic iPad, also without any significant issues. I don’t have the backgrounding issue much, but then I barely use the iPad for anything other than wd.

The pro models with their high-dpi screens seem to have occasional scaling issues, so purely for WD I think the cheaper models are actually better.

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Sadly i know that i cant smooth PewPew in aligane … Yet if device let me play with low population ill be glad …
In atlas wars sometime we rush with 5TA and lag almost get us :upside_down_face:

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