Best dragons and worst dragons in your opinion?

Title. What’s your favourite dragons you’ve ever used? Including dragons that you used to love, but are no longer viable.
What dragons do you hate? Dragons that were useless from the start no matter what was their max tier. Example : Gladicus
Lord Ember is disqualified for dominating every single contest

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Lineage dragons normally and legendary divines normally new but the oldest ones were the worst like Tengu and a few others. Gilas was a good legendary dragon though so is Corella kinda ….

The good mythics use to be Ronin no use in the meta today though, so I’d have to say Ikaros is both the worst and best at the same time because of all these glitches that he came with and same is happening with Aerow slowly but surely. Xul was pretty OP would have handled her greatly but never got her so the second best I have is got to be Nockmar which certain people will get on the hate train because of favoritism towards the hunter class mostly.

Naja was both the best and worst to certain people all I found in that dragon was a tedious boredom because there was no risk in even hitting bases just didn’t feel like a fair use of a dragon because of the shield and cloak combined with the fact that she could dodge ice flak SS back in the day.

Don’t have Scorpa, ZelNoth, or Rashka but I do seem to like Rashka’s and Zelnoth’s gimmicks and did like Scorpa’s gimmicks back in the day. There are few others but the list goes on for infinity literally no joke when PG constantly releases new dragons and towers and tower levels and possibly increasing power creep.

Also I forgot Kullecid who I benched because it wasn’t very useful and was very spammy was very good but it was so slow it’s spells were pretty fun to use but the spammable cloak and combined with the fact that blue mages prevented this made it underpowered.

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He said in your opinion though …. Aren’t there numerous other threads about multiple other things?

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Like what we talking about the dragons? Spells, design, lore

Well I just went over the usability of dragons based on spell kit and what damage that dragon can do and I made it a bit opinion based as well not just footage instincts originally liked Rashka but I wouldn’t have enough sigils for him.

Prospero was awesome in his time :grin:
Very fun to fly and killed lots of stuff :rofl:

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Ronin was fun also xul

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I liked that dragon that came with inner fire as a spell :slight_smile:

Shame they nerfed him and took off the ability!

Krelos absolutely the best dragon ever. Sheer utility rules.

Kerlos is the most detrimental dragon design yet it’s just a sad work around to avoid the removal of monetization not only does he imbalance the meta but his utility was created by pg’s refusal to adjust gold and troop production otherwise he wouldn’t even be needed……

Yes because all he does is shorten invader run times and allow bullying of new players entering the map who’s base can’t stop him and ruins atlas for the vast majority of players!

He’s the poster boy of what is wrong with this meta……


Worst dragon, pathox. It was too damn easy and it killed my desire to keep flying hauheset and that killed my ability to 70%+ 35 max tower bases stably and reliably with it. After then I’d quit the game for awhile, so I just need to practice it again when I find the will to do so.

Best dragon, krelos for its speed and usability combined with enfeeble.

Locksvur, looked the best and was the best.

Worst…. There are too many.

No, he was correct on spelling. You are so wrong…. Grammar has nothing to do with it


No, I meant what I wrote.

Lockjaw sucked.

Best: Gig, loved everything about him. Dont care how easy he was, he was fun and that is what a game should be. The amount of crying from hunterbois and whales was icing on top. What was the best though was how much people claimed he sucked at first and told people who got him that he was only a perch dragon. Then the tears and wailing began :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I miss elemental resist

Also love Kinnarix


in terms of looks I say Xul, he’s so hideous.

In terms of as a dragon to fly for me it’s Sorath’rim. I hate this dragon so much. Visually he didnt fit at all, his spells were weak, his blue spell was worthless and he was purposefully designed to be underpowered. I hated absolutely everything about Sora.


Okay I found out what the actual dragon was

Guess I just got confused for a moment all I can blame is my mindset being on the name Lockjaw.

Yup that dragon rocked.

Last good divine before seasons began.

Hard to pick a best.

Loved Scorpa, and Hauhezen, and Xul BUT I do wish I had all the stones for Luzok. He was beautiful, and an absolute blast to fly. I have him at harbinger, and love doing assault/dungeons with him.

I do wish they would resurrect Luzok. He still works in the current meta, which would be a first for the resurrection branch…

I mean, is it even a contest?

Doesn’t look that impressive. No healing spell so if he gets hit then he’s dead literally requires too much rage most likely.