Best Dragons for fast Atlas runs?

So I currently have Garnet Dragons and find Jul the best dragon to speed through invader bases. The only divines I currently have are Galgrim, Asura, and Kullecid.

Is there another dragon I could be using that’s as fast, and what are the key ones coming up in Emerald+ that I should roster for invaders, or also for speed clears of bases?

For invader, at emerald tier deci or stormheim can walk through it easily.
For atlas runs, non of the linage emerald sadly


I get the discount dragon to my tier and use it for invader runs. Less healing time so less heal pots used to run invader.

For tiers I used:
Garnet - Jul.
Emerald - Stormheim or Deci.
Obsidian - Noctua
Harbinger - Opes
Vanguard - Jorm about to get Itzani so will probably use them too

For player bases, you’ll need your best dragons usually divines.


Jorm is a mythic so he have full set of spell from lv 1

Ah well, I forgot. I know there was some reason why I couldn’t get through invader at first and it had to do with his spells. Don’t remember now.

At Emerald, Kyrule was also great for invader thanks to tectonic bomb

apophet should work too at your level

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If you’re want clear speed of invader. Jul is hard to beat in garnet tier. Honestly until he stops one shotting, or when he doesn’t survive, he is pretty top tier for runs.

Also you dont have to complete %100 .leave it after %70 :upside_down_face:

The gold you get from invader is lower now when you stop at 70%. Don’t know why, this thing just change recently. I have always stop at 70% before but now I have to go all the way to get max amount of gold


oh ? didnt know that … Scandal !!! :roll_eyes:

Has always been that way, or at least since the platinum roll out two years ago. 70% gives full xp, 100% gives full gold.


Still %100 exp ? so thats what i was saying ! :pray: Gold is izi part :heart:

No. I mean, strictly speaking, one of those things is true.


Successive gold multiplier runs on level 17 beasts with no team bonuses. Both give 100% of the expected gold in each run. XP for the 74% completion is about 80% the xp of the 100% completion.


  • 74% completion is enough to get full gold (in at least some cases)
  • 74% completion is not enough to get full XP in at least some cases

Having heard this max-XP-at-70 legend before, I suspect it depends on level. Max XP increases more frequently than invader tower level, so at some levels your invader’s towers must represent more than enough XP, and you should be able to get max without killing them all.

I would also believe faulty memories or a bug/implementation inconsistency. (This is War Dragons. Bugs have to be high on the explanation stakes for any phenomenon.)


was thinking full gold / less exp on non-100% runs, too, n gonna go for some trial runs.

but then u did it for me. :+1:t2:

IIRC, Beast and Mine behaves differently for gold.
That said, XP is tied to how many hp we killed from the base (after 5% destruction)




:woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:
of course, why not?

fun fact: beasts and mines also behave differently in whether enemies on your castle keep you from using them. I’ve never used mines except for testing stupid stuff like this, because beasts/ invaders were always utterly superior. were invaders more like mines or beasts? My invader memories are warm but fuzzy.

So is stormheim

Any dragon with a large AOE spell is a good invader run dragon. At garnet, AA will be most useful

:unamused: Tell that to Vulcan
Anapa and Ursa as well

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For clearing out player bases relatively fast, Prospero and Scorpa are some of your best options. You can equip evade spell as well to rush through empty islands!