Best Dragons for Tanok

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I have a few questions about Tanok:

  1. What is the best class of dragon for the defensive rider to ride and perch? I read to perch warriors preferably, due to their health, but also heard sorcerers have a bug to increase supershots. If you’d preference is hunter, please explain.

  2. In that same vein, can one of the all knowing forum masters please suggest dragons best for Tanok by tier? I think that will help a lot of us. I’m particularly interested in fire drags as my Tanok will be fully geared. Thx in advance.

  3. The messaging about affected islands reads cryptically to me. At first it sounds like the perched dragon buffs will affect all islands, then they breakdown the various perches and AoE, is that for offensively riding or does the rider strictly have a designated buff zone? Any clarification here is greatly appreciated.

Hope y’all are having a great new season so far! Thx for the help!
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I’ll be putting him on my expert Apophet on my newly upgraded perch because my defense gear is dark. Mythic sorcerer gives chance at double supershot.

I wouldn’t mind using a warrior, just always happened that my dark dragons were sorcerers.

The short answer is the best mythic you have armor for that can go on your perch.

I wouldn’t choose a dragon type because of a glitch. Choose it based on what you face most often and what you think is the best way to counter that.


Savage, what specifically is the glitch?

I think it’s that mythic sorcerers on perches are making farm suspershots rapid-fire and heal like crazy. :t_rex:

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Oh … can Ember still one shot them? :flushed:

Ya. You must be in atlas. The rider gear this season for Tanok is fire. Cool tho. Bet Apothet kicks some booty for you.

I’m guessing yes lol :t_rex:

Thx Savage.

After a bit more research and agreeing with your position Mehaten sounds like my best bet for now. Appreciate it.

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I am in Atlas… gear is much better… I’m sitting at about + 30-40% attack and hp with my gear currently. I empathize with anyone lacking Atlas that is thinking about getting the season gear. If I didn’t have Atlas but was getting it soon, I would save the 20k + sigils the gear costs and get something else. The seasonal gear is the equivalent of maxed common gear in Atlas… which is to say it sucks.

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For war, the best dragon you can put is a sorcerer cuz of supershot increase (also boost ice turret shield by 25% which is already better then the 15% hp from warrior)…!

That said, Tanok gear are fire, so that dont leave you with many option…!

For me, my perch is at saphire, and the only fire sorcerer i have is Vulcan (at platinum) so that will be it for now!

Depends on your setup, tower level, and best dragons available for perch, etc.

Ideally you want a mythic dragon, but if your only mythics are the ones you fly, I wouldn’t sacrifice your offense for defense except in some expert situations

As far as what element, you want to pick one that suits your current dragons and cannbe moved to future dragons. (So you can trade up later. For example if you had a mythic emerald wind and currently fly or are about to get a mythic wind obsidian, plan for that) - the element is all about what will give you the most freedom moving forward.

As far as type, generally you can assume the following

Hunter = buffs damage of perch and towers

Warrior = buffs hp of perch and towers and provides shield to a tower periodically

Sorcerer = buffs supershots (shields damage and stun) and grants additional supershots to the base owner

The hunter mythic ability is only 20% chance so it’s not considered favorable, but I’ve seen setups where this made sense to use. Generally this is where you gear an island to do a ton of damage but don’t plan for it to survive unless the dragon dies instantly.

The warrior mythic ability is the shield every 4 seconds which I think is less important than the HP buff provided at legendary. If you can only spare a legendary I’d just go warrior. If you have high level towers warrior is also likely to be a solid choice.

The mythic sorcerer supershot refund (more supershots) is also a solid choice. It’s probanly not the choice I’d choose if you don’t defend your own base often. (Extra supershots are only for base owner)

This really is too subjective to answer. If you are without atlas and got the gear (fire) then Mehaten is the first lineage mythic (sapphire) that is the fire element. If you have atlas the element can be anything… the next mythic fife dragon won’t be until obsidian (Rhyo)

If you have atlas and can choose any element I’d say you want to pick either wind or dark. There are a lot of wind warrior and sorcerer mythics, but it only helps if you have or plan to get them.

Personally I used Kinnarus and switched to Girasol. (Wind) for my main perch and used moonfang for my second perch (dark)

For divines:
If you have corthinak and don’t like him, it’s a perfect perch dragon (although for me its one of my top 5 in my roster).

Moonfang was a decent dragon (mythic dark warrior) but is now an excellent perch dragon as you will have better warrior choices

Kinnarus is good if you buffed to mythic stats.

Algor is a solid Mythic ice emerald warrior

Remember it’s more important to have the mythic skill than it is to have high tier. So sapphire mythic works fine too

The riders have a specific designated buff zone which is highlighted when you click on the perch.

Some buffs only buff the perch but I think everything buffs the designated area now. (Except rider buffs that specifically say they apply to the whole base)


@EidolonRM thank you so much!! This is exactly the detailed analysis I needed. You sir, are an ambassador to the WD community and I sincerely appreciate your response!! :+1:t2::pray:t2::+1:t2:

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