Best dragons in each tier?

Alright so…I actually spent some time looking for this info but the closest I got was an archived page in the old forums reviewing tier dragons green tier and below…which seems pretty irrelevant for even new players.

Which dragons are worth levelling past breedable or even to expert in each tier?

In my opinion: for orange, Amarok. For green, Ettin. For gold, Whalegnawer (and Consurgens, though Whale is better). I’m only a little bit into Platinum so I can’t offer much more input. :t_rex:


Orange: Amarok
Green: Ettin, Danzig, Hugin
Gold: Whale, Cons
Platinum: Rizar, Kelvin
Sapphire: Hauheset, Apophet, Sekhem

I’ll let others comment on Garnet and up.


You can check Odin’s video.
It dosen’t include the second harbinger wave though.


Red: Ember
Purple: nothing
Blue: nothing
Orange: Enki
Green: nothing
Gold: Whalegnawer
Platinum: Rizar

Sapphire (legendary): Sekhem
Sapphire (mythic): Hauheset
Garnet: Frostbiter
Emerald: Ferga
Obsidian: Noctua
Harbinger: Lokan

Below sapphire choose the path that gives you the fastest progress and depend on divines.


@xXxAirForcexXx seeing your choice almost seems as if you like hunters :slight_smile:
Well with most Tiers I´d totally agree yet it´s always been my philosophy not to depend too much on one dragon class. Also I´d say we can´t really judge a dragon that hasn´t been released… So there is some varity.

Red: Ember
Purple: no idea
Blue: no idea
Orange: Amarok
Green: depends… I personally always liked Karna (highly undererstimated Dragon imo) otherweise Munin or Urd
Gold: Whalegnawer
Platinum: Kelvin
Sapphire: Hauheset
Garnet: Frostbiter or Gloomclaw (also underestimaged imo)
Emerald: Ferga
Obsidian: Noctua
Harbinger: Destar (can only judge from what I´ve seen defending)

To be honest until you get to obsidian, lineage dragons are just a gateway to level up divine dragons. Divines have better spellsets and better stats than the lineage dragons of tiers that were created years ago.
There are some exceptions like Hauheset and Apophet in sapphire who can compete with divines of their tier, but that’s about it.

Also depends on what type of dragons you like to fly. Hunter is the ‘best’ but some are horrible at flying hunters so for them a sorc or warrior is better.

Edit: I’m only halfway garnet though. So not sure about higher tiers, although Emerald doesnt look great. Noctua will be good, not sure about other obsidians. Anyway that’s how i see it.


Nonsense, I judged hauheset before I get him and judged Necryx before he got released.
It’s easy to make an observation based on spell set, especially that the GO/HM is known combo that we’re familiar with from ferga.

Amarok is completely useless with current towers types, he has no white spell and no useful resist. Primary defense towers aren’t cannons and archers anymore.

Kelvin better than Rizar?

I was gonna tag somebody :panda_face: to read this but he’s no longer with us.


This is true Amorak isn’t very good anymore

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Couldn’t agree more! I was gobsmacked when using Amy again with my alt, and just could not make a dent on bases.

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Id say Munin is ok but Urd…he isnt rly good

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, try not to spread misinformation. Urd has havoc, which is great for clearing longs with a back blue or even killing islands from the turn. He has the highest DPS of the green dragons so he has his place.


well I guess this discussion shows that it is hard defining what is “the best”.
The best dragon …
… for solo flights?
… for setting up?
… for clean up?
… against defended bases?

Also we had an event in the past (can´t remember the name) where you had to clear out bases only using dragons of a certain tier. THAT was frustrating on the one hand but fun on the other and making use of lineage dragons.

Besides that the ONLY decisive factor for judging a dragon to me is: can it be usefull in wars (preferably lead dragon)? I can only think of three lineage dragons that are actually used in wars: Hau, Noctua, Destar. Apart from that it is ONLY about divine dragons…

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Started an alternate account spring last year, so far only take the dragons to breeding age (following Red’s path) and so far focused on the seasonal. Right now (lvl 109) have Drakis, Sage and Equestor and only got the egg evolution stones i felt pertinent for the tier I’d be getting to.

What was real stupid was with this account taking each dragon to expert before breeding next until about green tier when I learned better…and I wasn’t the only one doing this. What a waste of rss (and rubies).

This account, only a few breedable dragons I’ve taken to expert (like Hau & Noc).

When you get Lokan be sure to let us know how great he is


‘The best dragon’ is only as good as ‘the best flyer’. I like sorcerers. I fly Equestor like a demon! My husband hates swiping; hes more of a point and kill kind of player suited to warriors. He cannot fly Equestor at all! She is totally useless to him. Me? Im fine with tapping and sweeping at the same time, launching thunderbolts And the quick thinking needed for using the captured spells.

So, for a sorcerer preferrence, Equestor is the queen of the skies. And for a warrior preferrence Chimerak is unquestionably master. It all depends how you fly!

Personally, i think Hunters are a waste of space (exception for dearh gaze dragons). Thin skinned cowards, quick to run or hide away…

Did that upset you? LOL! Sorry, i was just proving my point. If you agreed with my silly, over-the-top exagerated summary of Hunters, you simply dont know how to fly them. YOU cannot fly them. I cannot fly them; i admit it.

Perhaps we need to look at ourselves first, before we say who is, or is not ‘the Best Dragon’. Then, perhaps, we can give the Best and most Usefully Relevant advice to those who come after us.

PS, sorry, but URD should be spelled with a T. He is a slow growing, soul destroying weight around MY neck. See… MY reasonning, MY judgement, based on the fact that I cannot fly him!

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At low level, Ettin and Hugin are actually quite strong. I had them den capped pretty much all the way, and they could easily match or even outperform my divines up to level 83. They have the same or more AP and unlike the divines they have their full spell set. Ettin is also very good to learn proper hunter flying.

After 84 the divines take a huge leap. I’m level 90 now and even though I put quite some effort into Whale (level 22 at the moment), he really can’t touch what the other divines can do. All other line dragons seem pretty much no use at this level anymore. I expect I’ll just get them breeding from now on until I get Hau.


I agree with Morreion’s points. At low level when most of us only been to 1st season, we only have 1 divine so its good to have amarok, ettin, and hugin as reliable choice as long as you have it den capped. In my case hugin started to struggle when i get to 70. But that’s okay because at this point I already have 2 reliable divines in my roster. Also you might want to max 1 legendary warrior on every tier for you perch.
Thats my opinion as laid back leveler.

Enki, Sekhem, Hauheset, Frostbiter, Noctua - If you are newbie and starting to play this game. Use only mentioned linage dragon and don’t waste time in other linage dragon as they just serve breeding purpose. Even as newbie your new shiny divine will outclass those breeders. Mentioned dragons have their specific purpose because of their spellset.

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I actually enjoyed Durga more than Amarok, since there were a few lots with blue and red mage far from each other. Maybe today players are better informed on base layout, idk :grimacing:
Platinum: Rizar
Sapphire: Hau
Garnet: struggling here, but frostbitch seems very decent for follow. Just expectant on zaru and a&a now here

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