Best dragons in every tier

Red: Ember
Purple: Arborius
Blue: Drude (RuRuRuntsfam’s opinion: big chunky chungus ultra chonky chunky Chunk boi)
Orange: Amarok
Green: Ettin or Danzig
Gold: Whale
Platinum: Rizar
Sapphire: Sekhem or Hauheset
Garnet: Frostbiter
Emerald: Ferga
Obsidian: Noctua
Harbinger: Lokan
Verdant: Carrion or Makota
For every other tier you choose in the reply box or something
I didnt do too much research XD
People: Chunk better
Me: I’ve never had him
Also, I checked the Forums and chose the dragons that were most mentioned. So this isn’t my opinion, it’s other players’ opinions
@TRE450N I’m a he
@TRE450N not an alt have my own identity

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What happened between Harb and Verdant? And Krasta is definitely not the best of Verdant tier


Kinnara should be mentioned too for Red.
Ember can be included in Purple to Orange, as various players do evolve it here and there.

Numen (those who bought it) is best IMO for Blue.
I’d include Chunk and Dodo family too for obvious reasons.

For Green I’d add Munin to your lineup.

Apophet is definitely worth a mention as well for Sapphire.
Heck, I’d add Mehaten too why not. :eyes:

Stormhiem rules my Emerald.

Jormungandr and Itzani for Vanguard.

Tuktu/Lusian for Empyrean.

Abyssal and Eldritch uuuhhh…

Added Itzani because @OrcaFrost threw tantrum.


Itzani disagree :triumph:


I did actually consider Itzani.

Then I was like ooooohhhh that flying tapeworm of a sorcerer (c’mon that thing is pretty cute and unique and definitely can hit well too)!!!

Fine I’ll add Itzani just for you. :kissing:


Abyssal is a hopeless case, Mordred for Eldritch


The snooze fest at Abyssal has been noticeably real. :joy:

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Abyssal was Daegon for me. You have to remember this was a time with no howitzers or pylons. The double red meta was becoming prevelant to counter namaka and blues were relatively sporadic on bases.

Runes correctly it was pretty decent in a terrible tier.

but what about the verdant mythics? (I don’t have them so I’m not sure; someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they’re better than the legendaries)

I think y’all should now consider to have a best Legendary and best mythic list in every tier.
Not just a general best dragon.

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OP seemingly generic, hence resulting in generic responses. :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

Means OP hasn’t flown them all?


Very likely? Don’t think OP is an alt (is sub 50) too, so only other possible explanation is a freshie.


Bilge was also decent in Abyssal I think, and Verdant Mythics are all decent (Vanguard 2.0)

But yeah, OP is a freshie


I prolly should fly Bilge more often then. :thinking:


will check the answers after I type mine

red: kinnara
purple: ember (or red if you don’t buy the cloak), arborius
blue: chunk
Orange: dodopyyr, amarok
Green: ettin
Gold: whale
plat: Rizar
sapphire: hau (for hitting up), apophet (for dungeon)
garnet: jul (for invader), frostbiter (for clean up)
emerald: ferga
obsidian: noctua
Harb: Opes (for invader)
vanguard: Itzani
Emp: lusian
Abyssal: Medusys
Eldritch: Mordred
Verdant: sylvix

Most honorable OP of all time: drude


Guys, he’s a Level 35 who was watching Odin. But I’m not sure this is what Odin said in his video so he probably came up with his own.


39 now.
Not that it matters much…


Meet odins new alt. :joy:


Kinda almost did all the abyssalt assault levels with him. Medusys helped finishing the last 2 :see_no_evil: