Best dragons per tier

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I know someone out there has the answer to my question.

In order from red tier to end game what are the best dragons?

Complete virgin dragons. No riders and no add on spells.

If you can help.


Thanks in advance.

I’ve never flown a… virgin dragon.


First off, some of these will come down to opinion. These are my personal picks for each tier.
Second, I’m only up to Vanguard tier, so anything beyond that will be based solely on what I’ve been told by others.

Red - Kinnara
Purple - Arborius
Blue - Drude
Orange - Amarok
Green - Hugin
Gold - Whalegnawer
Platinum - Rizar
Sapphire - Hauheset
Garnet - Aquileas and Austeros
Emerald - Stormheim
Obsidian - Noctua
Harbinger - Destar
Vanguard - Oni/Itzani (don’t have Itzani myself)
Empyrean - Lusian
Abyssal - Medusys
Eldritch - Mordred

Edit: out of any dragon, Red - Vanguard, Hauheset is the best, hands down. I use that dragon to this day, and is my only dragon that can clear bases with max level towers.
The rest of my picks are my own opinion, but Hauheset truly has no competition.


For green I’d say Ettin over Hugin. And probably Deci for emerald.


Just as long as u don’t say karna, all answers are correct imo lol.


I’d understand Ettin over Hugin, but I’d have to disagree on any emerald dragon being better than Stormheim. Emerald was a pretty weak tier overall imo, and Stormheim was the only one I ever had much success with.

But of course, it comes down to personal preference in the end.


Red : kinnara
Purple : borg
Blue : chunk
Orange : amarok
Green : urden
Gold : whale
Platinum : rizar
Sapphire : hauheset
Garnet : frostbiter
Emerald : ferga
Obsidian : noctua
Harbinger : lokan
Vanguard : redrian/itzani
Empyrean : lusian
Abyssal : medusys
Eldritch : mordred

It doesn’t mean they are the best so you’ll wreck bases with them, you need to learn how to fly them well first to be able to use them on their limit and it’s on their limit where you see that they are incredible !

Also some of them will be used for taking end game bases as noctua, hauheset or frostbiter for example.


His name is urden now, his name has been taken by UVS


Wait no takers for glossia?


What is endgame tier? I see it in Red’s Best but I have no idea what it means.

I’ll edit it lol :joy:

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Purple Arborius, Borg

Blue-Dodo, Drude
Orange-Amarok, Enki Ember(optional he is good at each tier from red to Orange),
Green-Ettin, Hugin, Nix
Gold-Whalegnawer, Consurgens,
Platinum-kelvin, Rizar, Kaiju
Sapphire-Hauheset, Apophet, Sekhem
Garnet-Aquileas & Austerios, Frostbiter, Gloomclaw(if u know how to use him tho)
Emerald-Nier,Ferga, Deci, Stormheim
Obsidian-Noctua, Noctua and Noctua again
Harbinger-Destar, Keth, Lokan
Vanguard-Itzani, Oni, Jormungandr, Jotun
Empyrean-Lusian, Archon, Tuktu

i dont have any abyssals so i cant comment any further but Medusys Ladron and Marlis seem like pretty good ones but at this point actual question is how good are ur gears and riders???because without gears most of dragons are pretty weak…

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I still prefer Ettin in most cases. His cloak is nice for avoiding SS and anything that could kill him. Zuurden is nice in the sense he has Havoc, but with no way to cloak it hurts him.

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Actually I have Chosen urden because of havoc, nowadays you need a lot of attack to destroy bases compared to the past (base boost has boosted a lot the hp of bases).

Also evasion dodges all type of shots, so same as cloak even though evasion has a downside : it makes you travel faster.

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I agree, havoc can be nice. Evasion doesn’t make you dodge everything though. It only gives you a chance to dodge towers. Ettin struggles to get 100%, Urden doesn’t do well against strong bases and defended bases for me in most cases.

Frostbiter is best garnet dragon. He works great as backer of Hauheset .
Nier is very underrated from emerald. He is good sorcerer with add on spell.
Jormugandar is very close otherwise itzani hands down is best vanguard.

OT: PG should consider Apophet or Jormugandar spellsets as blueprint to design new sorcerer.

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He said the best per tier so just choose 1 for every tier :man_shrugging:t2:

Endgame tier is the last tier available, it’s currently eldritch

:open_mouth: ohhhhh

Whenever any new tier after the current last tier comes out, we refer to it as Endgame tier.

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