Best epic and legendary dragon in green tier

Which dragon is the best one in green tier of the epics and legendary?

Ettin is the only one worth a crap in green. He’s actually good and is a great trainer for future hunter use. Some people like Danzig and I suppose he could be alright if you enjoy warriors. But really, by the time you get Danzig you should also have at least one divine and any current divine is better than Danzig. IMO.

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Everything below sapphire (other than enki/ember) is completely useless. At your level, use the path that makes you progress faster regardless of which dragons you get first.


This is like telling a child in elementary school not to bother making any friends since they will not keep in touch with any of them when they grow up. There are definitely fun dragons to breed down there, Whalegnawer for one comes to mind.


I didn’t find Rizar useless.

So are 90% of the dragons above sapphire too :grin::grin:
We just have to pay 3x as much for them


Ettin is my fav. If you get him early, he will be as useful as any divine as long as you know how to fly a hunter.
I found Hugin to be quite useful to sweep after ettin.

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But then divines came along…

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