Best lay out for vivian

Hey wondering if anyone has maxed out the new seasonal defensive rider yet and where they put the skills? (All health, all attack, or a decent balance?)

Maybe these will help in your decision :smiley:

I’m personally am getting crom because his stats are better :sweat_smile:

Do you have Reginald’s skill tree as well? Thanks

You will find it in


For defensive riders max HP is generally the preferred way to go. Her stats are pretty much the same as Leilani’s and slightly lower than Crom’s

Actually both riders this season are pretty much the same as the summer riders which is rather lame


i would say, offensive one is even worse than last season.

His stats are just slightly adjusted. A little more atk and a little less hp and they’re both meh compared to Sophia

It would have been nice if they’d have done something with Reginald and Vivian to make them stand out a bit instead of just being rehashes of riders we just got. Hell, even Crom is only a very slightly better version of Leilani. They need some new ideas for what riders do. Throw a unique skill in there that doesnt have to do with rss production


Maybe they’re running out of ideas :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thanks for linking me :grin:

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to update yet, since I’m on holiday with no pc access. It will be on there in a few days though, when I’m back home.

Right, maybe add some flak attack boost to them, that would get the wallets opened :eyes:

Go for all hp my reason is what’s good is attack if the tower dies eas7

Thanx everyone

I’d like to maybe see something like a version of one of the legendary or mythic perch dragon abilities, or giving one or 2 extra super shots. Maybe a debuff to a certain dragon class. Mostly Im just tired of seeing the same rider with a different face. It tends to get boring, especially if you also are not a fan of the dragons in a season. It makes those 3 months go by at a snails pace


Those are good ideas! I like it. Riders are just kinda blah atm… :+1:

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Got my site updated, prefer the HP layout for Vivian myself:

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