Best layout/location for farms?

For most of my time on WD, I’ve been told that keeping all four farms right by the main island (with the Dragon’s Den and stuff on it) is the best location for them. However, I’ve seen other bases with them on different islands or even spread out across a few. Is there a “best” way to place your farms?

Depends on your defence strategy - are you a middle long person, or are you a lighthouse isle person?

If you’re middle long then the farms on the lighthouse isle makes most sense as you can use the perch there to give them +25% health with a legendary warrior

If you’re a lighthouse isle then right back by your main base is the most logical position, although if you have some high level damage dealing towers on your main long isle you can consider putting 2 farms up front, damage dealing towers behind, then 2 farms right at the end - the idea is that attackers get distracted by the farms upfront and get killed by your towers, or focus on your towers and miss the chance to kill those farms. Only works with high level farms that are hard to take down.


Ah thank you! I’m only up to the perch island (where my DF is), so unless I get some more input, I’ll keep my farms where they are. They’re only level 20, so not too high :man_shrugging:

Keep clearing away the fog and the forest—but DON’T build more towers! Eventually you might consider shifting your attack towers to the middle long island and put your farms on the lighthouse island. (This will let you have 10 attack towers in a row instead of having them split up. More towers in a row = heavier damage to attacking dragon.)

Remember, attacking dragons start where your furthest tower is :blush: You can have the entire island cleared of fog and forest, but if you don’t build past the lighthouse, that’s where an attacking dragon will start.


Also, you might find these threads useful, as they will help prevent you from making mistakes that will take you a long time to recover from.


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