Best Legendary / Mythic of SummerKai 2019?

Hi guys, Can u help me for choose my 2nd legendary ? :slight_smile:

  • Dreth
  • Scorpa
  • Chelonoth
  • Firefin

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And for choose my first mythic !!!

  • Namaka
  • Meglok

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I will realy appreciate! thanks a lot

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One problem with the first poll… I’m guessing you already have the discount dragon? Also, I don’t think Firefin counts towards a mythic… (I could be wrong though)


Yes, true, but i create this pool also for everyone :slight_smile:

Now i’m sad, Namaka isnt realy good? :frowning:
He is beautiful :frowning:

I plan on getting Namaka :upside_down_face: Meg holds 0 interest for me and I don’t have earth defensive gear so I can’t even stick that one on a perch.


For THE first Invoker, im surprised…

One word… Firefin👊


Kinda depends what you want to be honest. Aesthetics, fun, viability, a combination, something unique etc. Hell what level you want to get them to is a huge factor too.

There isn’t a right answer until we know the parameters.

If you’re going for a mythic get Ano, though it’s getting pretty late to just be starting your 2nd line unless you have 30k sigils saved up already

For your first mythic get Meglok. It is much safer and it would suck if you didnt end up like flying your first mythic. Nam is very new, very shiny but also rather under supported and the future of the class is uncertain. Firefin doesnt give a key so he’s not an option for the 3 required lines for a mythic

If you’re not getting a mythic then still consider a rider. Other than that it really depends on what you want.

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This! Each dragon has a different playstyle. Dreth flies differently from Scorpa, which flies differently from Chelonoth, etc. Picking one that you feel like you will be comfortable flying and enjoy using is often times more important than picking the most competitive dragon out there. I mean if you can’t fly the best dragon, or don’t enjoy using it, what was the point of getting it.

Also depending on your level, different kinds of dragons are more and less effective. For examples in the level 50-100 range warriors are more effective than other parts of the game.

And to add on to that sometimes, picking a dragon boils down to what you enjoy the look of. I don’t think people are picking FireFin because he is the strongest dragon option this season, but rather he is cute looking and has fun spells.

So while you can pick out which dragon in a season is the best competitve dragon, its not really a useful metric for picking a dragon because each player has their own needs and wants that may or may not align with a dragons competitiveness.

My real question, when i speak about “best”, is when u attack a defended base, same level of u.
For example, i always attack with Tez and Prospero, but i like to play my other dragons …

So, Meglok is more strong than Namaka…?

Are you 100% sure you need a second legendary dragon? There are a ton of options for combinations that may be better than a second dragon


i will probably take base boost or scorpa yes… but if namaka isnt that good, i will keep my gems :frowning:

I’m saving my rubies for another season b/c I’m really not excited about any of the options. I was holding out hope for firefin, but it’s just not looking good to me. I’ll pr’ly just get a rider & blow the rest on cheap prizes. My advice is wait until you’re so excited to get one of the dragons that it’s obvious what you want.

Lots of solid advice above on why to choose a particular dragon.

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Also gear wise. I for one will not sacrifice UVS gear to put on namaka, but I’m not empyrean yet too

Btw, about gems, someone know a “calculator” for estimate how many sigil we can win with xGems ?

:cry: my english :cry:

Gold chests: 200 sigils avg for 4000 rubies (plus other stuff)
Sigil chests: 1100 sigils avg for 5000 rubies (and nothing else)


One word Meglok :muscle::+1:

Thanks a lot !

Sort of changing my answer:

Neither Legendary or Mythic – get the Exotic!

SO happy I waited before committing to anything :smiley: