Best legendary of the Withermoon season?

Hi guys,

No dragon interests me particularly this season…
So I’ll take the “stronger”. Which one do you think is THE more powerful?

I know kullecid was the strongest but now, i dont know?
Hyaku feel bad… So… Kathool or sho-groth? true?

Help !

  • Sho-Groth
  • Hyaku
  • Kullecid
  • Kathool

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Wait for kathool and then vote

Yes, but you can switch vote after !

Without any doubt kullecid.


He stay strong and better than other, after nerf?

Like Burger said kull will be great for you if you plan on flying hunters or are trying to learn them.

Kathool could be also good and may be a better option for the average flyer

I’d say wait until the last week then decide

As it stands with no kathool videos of defence or high tier gameplay he can’t be judged yet but kull is running the show atm.

As for his nerf, it just makes his flying curve slightly harder


Yeah i like to play hunter, my favorite dragon was Prospero before Namaka :smiley:
so… Kullecid or Kathool :laughing:

hyaku not getting much love

TBF, there is an established history of the discount dragon of the season usually not being as good as any of the others. (There are notable exceptions to this however, like Necryx.)


Gunnar too


Kull if you can fly hunters halfway decent.

Sho is, in my view, second best.


Kullecid definitely has more potential strength, but depending on your skill/effort Sho might be a good option.

I’ll link this other thread where I posted a picture/description and below it a video explaining which dragon I think is better for different situations/players.


Eh, Hyaku isn’t terrible, but he is gonna struggle against a defended base. His meteor spell costs too much rage to keep the Ice Flak pinned down, and kill the storm, and kill the blue.

But in all honesty he has a better design than a lot of the warriors out there, since he doesn’t auto-lose to a base with an ice flak. He just doesn’t compare to the other three in terms of power and effectiveness.


All of them are about the same. Like all dragons it comes down to how you fly them. This season I went for Kullecid and Sho-Groth. I’m not a fan of flying invokers, so I use Kullecid more.

They really aren’t all the same. Some are legitimately stronger than others. Some are stronger if you fly certain styles well.

But there are some dragons that are all around weaker this season

Hyaku is the weakest in almost every way. He isn’t helped by bugs don’t get me wrong but still.

Kul is straight up stronger than the others if you can fly hunters.

I’m not sure how kuthool is from the kit. He seems ok. But he seems very gated by “can I kill the red mage or storm tower before I die”


MrPink : False.

Thats why “tier list” still exist…

For the topic : I finaly choose Kullecid and im happy, he is realy strong !


Yep, Kull is without a doubt the best legendary. He’s also the most fun to fly.


What do you guys think who is the more powerful dragon between kullecid and kathool ?



Definitely Kullecid, almost as if there was 3 mythics this season haha, but again, depends on the skill and style of the flyer, if you can’t utilize Kullecids spell set, but Kathool you can, then you might get better use.