Best Mythic this season?

Hello all,

Let’s talk about this. Which is best Mythic this season? I have 20 keys…


If only the left hand knew what the right hand was dooming … torture

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Too early to ask since they just got fixed. People will need to retest them now with their working spells. Sothe I think will still be viable but much slower now. I also think his invoke will be pretty useless but his defenses are still strong.

The warrior I think will still be the worst of the 3. The cd on his breath needs to be removed and having a lockdown spell on a warrior is just a terrible idea.


Lol it’s the hunter isn’t it……


I want the Warrior. I heard the Invoker is best. But I can settle for the Hunter lol

Invoker is not my favorite to fly

It’s too soon now wait a few days nobody will know for sure till then. Let the folk who have them do a few runs I recon

I’m sitting on my hands now haha… very tempting to pull the trigger now that I have a 20 keys

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Yup loads of folk could have had 20 keys weeks ago but we’re waiting for a response about swapping which never came now the nerfs drop which we’re not suggested to arrive best to let that play out

I hate invokers too but I liked Sothe. Now with a smaller radius we’ll see. I’ll do some runs later to see but Im guessing he’s going to be a lot more Naja like now. I really dont think his invoke will have any use now. It was ok when you only had 1 or 2 towers left but against 3-4+ it’s damage is pretty useless when hammers can easily heal it back.
While I do think Sothe was OP, it also was a contender to finally push Barbend into retirement in terms of speed. It definitely wont be doing that now.

Now I guess we’ll see if PG offers to make exchanges or not.


I want the warrior or hunter mythic, but haven’t make any decision yet. Still waiting for more feedback.

I actually have 18 keys and 30k sigs

Might just wait until festive come out to get mythic unless I am convinced that the warrior or hunter is good enough :sweat_smile:

18 keys & 30k sigils!

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: saving for dragconic chests

I have the Warrior. So far he is a huge disappointment.

go for hunter, im not impressed with sothe

Lol some nice conflicting statements here as usual

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Keep me updated on this now that he is fixed, please. I dont mind hunter, but i like flying warrior and soccer alot more

It’s almost like different people have different opinions and feedback shouldnt be taken as absolute fact because one person’s preferred playstyle could be different than your own :thinking:


This is why I always state that the best method to determine which mythic is the “most viable option” is to look into how they perform and then base the choice on which one best suits your personal flying skills, if any come close at all. Fellow players on the forums are only providing insight based on how they’ve performed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that another player will have the same success/fail rate as the advisor.

I suppose one thing you could ask the forum community instead to flip things around would be something like: “What are the strengths and weaknesses of this dragon?” That may render a more objective outline, allowing for better judgment. (I am in no way criticizing the OP, though.)


Perwog perwog perwog all perwooooog

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I can confirm the Invoker is no longer the best after his nerf…sorry, fix.