Best path to plat legendary

Hey! Can someone please guide me to breed my first plat drag and eventually a legendary one. I have around 50k egg tokens and 60 frags now for this breeding event. Thanks in advance.

Use reds paths take a look through. She has a great many and one of them should fit you

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Hope these two help:

If you still need help, atleast post which dragons you have - which dragons you like and other stuff so more help can be done.

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Thanks Zalek. Will have a look :smile:

Thank you Luffy :smile:

One of the best strategic moves I made was to use Red’s Breeding Guide as a little Shrimplet (and still are a Shrimplet!), alongside Mechenegg’s Base Guide - brilliance in nutshell, hours of work and my gratitude will be everlasting :rainbow::hugs:


On topic: Which one did you use?

Off topic:
mechengg → Mechenegg → MachineEgg
Guess it’s true considering how intense his grinding is…


I’m still following the detailed path to Obsidian- yes, truly a Shrimplet! I also use Red’s Intense Player Dragon Check in alongside my base building - I’m lucky that my OCD for gaming n grinding found a perfect place to call home with these Guides’. I love that MachineEgg! I’m obsessive and competitive! Which is a double edged sword in this WD land! Apparently it’s ‘just a fun game’ :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m dying :joy: @mechengg

So true, he can be a freak especially during the week before Breeding…

My favorite so far is mech-en-gee-gee to be honest. I don’t think i’ve laughed that hard in a long time when they said it on stream.

But whatever really floats your guys’ metaphorical boats, i’m cool with whatever. Most people just shorten it to “Mech” which is easier to say and type out :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you deserve the CaptainCheap moniker…I’ll let u have it if u send me 1 miiiiillliiioooonn rubies… :joy:

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