Best path to take in Vamguard/Emp?

If I took Icicle 3 and then used Rhyo 2 (I think) what would be the best path to take in Vanguard and up?

I have Lokan, Opes, Mothril, Estril and Rajin.
Also have Sanguis.
Skimming through it looks like Rajin 2 might be the way to go?

Looks like I’ll nesd to breed Wydrian. Is there a backbreed to get Wydrian cheaper?

What is your play style?
What level are you?

Itz and Tuktu is who I would like to get
But it looks like my path is for Jom I’m fine with that.
Playing style exclusively fly hunters, level mid 370s

Mainly just need to know what path picks up where I’m at rather then trying to go out of my way for specific lineage dragons more interested in the cheapest path for progressing and hut eggs anyways. @Whismerhill

For cheapest eggs, Raijin J2->Seraph is the best.

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Rajin J2 or Rajin J2L


But that means you get Seraph as your mythic :joy::joy:

Much prefer this one


I checked out the Rajin ones but it looks like it wants me to go back and breed Keth for full price.
I have like all but 3 harbs and Sanguis is there no other good paths where I don’t have to go back and breed another mythic hard for full price?

Keth / Kaze / Jom next 3 dragons :flushed: that’s like 700+ thousand tokens lol plus before Sanguis I bred Rajin those 5 dragons is a rough streTch

Rajin J 1

Really you just need to move forward. It’s how breeding works.

I guess Keth is cheaper then having to get Bahlm & Wydrian.

I think I messed up somewhere! All good I’ll jist breed Keth then Kaze/Jom
After Keth & Kaze atleast Jom & Tuktu will be fun!

Paths help :woman_shrugging:

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You are too hyper focused on your short term. It’s an issue with a lot of people and they typically tend to pigeonhole themselves into unfavorable positions by not taking a look at big picture stuff and putting 80% of their attention on the 20% of the small details instead of focusing their efforts on the big stuff that make the bigger changes.

Trying to figure out how to get Balahm on J2L path… gonna have to back breed I think.

Omg lol How did you come to this conclusion? Please do share… Because I’m trying to take the cheaper way to Tuktu?
Because I didn’t like the fact that 2 of the 3 dragons was full price mythics?

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Rajin J2L :heart_eyes:

I just need to figure out how to transition onto that path from Rajin J2 … sub lvl 380 version :rofl::rofl:

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I’m going to have to wait for the next tier to come out bc I did tuktu, meth, eva, valens and now working on lusian

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Apparently Red thinks I can make it to lvl 400 in 3 months, which is what I’ll need in order to breed legendary Emp tier dragons together… so no need to transition awkwardly from Rajin J2 (sub lvl 380) to Rajin J2L :laughing: I can do it straight away since the next step I’m on (getting Tuktu) is the same on both versions lol :tada:


Prior to start of this Breed event, I had Tuktu, Meth, Evakhet and Modrian. I had been following “Rajin J1” path. Seraph was available to breed this event, but I passed and chose to finish Valens. I’m glad I made that decision. I’ve gotten enough Sorcerers as my first Lineage Mythic. :see_no_evil::joy: Once I had Valens breedable, I bred Lusian instead, and in the process I got Capulos as a consolation prize. :joy: Next breed event, I’ll work on Archon.

For me, this has been a pretty productive event:
Hatch Valens and grind to breedable. :heavy_check_mark:
Hatch Capulos and grind to breedable. :heavy_check_mark:
Hatched Lusian and he is now den capped at L29. :heavy_check_mark:

I hope that everyone else has also had a successful event and managed to get what you planned for. :grin::+1::beers:


I am on the same path as you.

Just finished keth and trying to decide between raijin J2 and J2L

J2L is 140k more expensive but gives you itz and lucian in progress
The other gives seraph sooner.

Will wait a bit till i here more from mythic dragons and what level i Will be by then. First 3 breeds are the same. So that gives Some time yo decide

That’s my custom made path from Red’s Rajin J2.

Now that the Mythics are out and I’m already halfway Sanguis and level 320, I don’t see the need to follow the updated Red’s Best Path.

My breeding and growing speed is enough to carry out my path I think, if not I would get those nevertherighttimetoget research eggs.

Any suggestion about this path? Any improvement or any mistake in it?


Ps: my custom path is for my next 3 seasons (starting this summerKai)

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Yeah the one I jumped into was I think the J2L almost the same thing
Almost done with Keth then it’ll just be Kaze, Jorm and Tuktu!

I like being able to get good hunters the only
Thing about this path is Itz is way down the road other then looks good!
No clue on if there are any Mistakes lol :man_shrugging: