Best Plan to Complete Gilas

Hi War Dragoneers

Fairly new here, just looking for some advice. My main goal this season is to complete the Gilas branch (if it’s even possible). My resources are as follows:

  • Rubies: 52k
  • Sigils: 620
  • Gold Chests: 37
  • Platinum Chests: 22
  • Gilas Prizes Completed: 49
  • Roughly 3k sigils per event

What would the best strategy be?


Not sure just how new you are, (if you’d joined after the start of season or what) but you definitely wanna score the discount dragons during the discount period (first two weeks of every season). Getting a 50% reduction to sigil costs is imperative to successfully completing the line.

I’d probably suggest to save your rubies and use them during super sigil chest time to maximize the sigils you can put toward him.

In the interim, I’d ensure you were on a team that achieves the 8th team achievement and all quests in EVERY event. And, I would push as far as possible in events to get to the higher sigil prizes for the remainder of the season (growing your rubies as well).

In terms of chests, that’s hard. I personally like to save mine all season and open big in the new season; it would pain me to open them now, but I understand your goal is Gilas. I’m unfortunately not remotely close to being a member of the Brain Squad :heart_eyes:, so maybe @Zamirathe @FieryxFury or @Morreion could help you with the actual numbers and what would be best for your specific resources if they’re able. All three really put a lot of work into the community and are Dragon Geniuses. Lol

Best of luck to you! I hope you’re able to get your Gilas! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My advice would be don’t use your resources for Gilas and save them to use it all on the next discount season’s discount dragon. I think you will have a bigger bang for the bucks (as they say around here…)

PS: I mean during discount weeks
Edit2: by resources I mean rubies and chest. The sigils won’t carry over next season.

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I would recommend hanging on to your sigils until the last weeks of the season. That way you have the maximum possible time to decide and see if any limited-time lines suit your purposes better.

Completing Gilas as far as you can is not a bad plan, he’s a very solid first divine (I’m assuming here that you’re a fairly new player with no other divines). You don’t have to finish his line to have him useful for quite a while, but I would aim to get his Abyssal stone at least (~10k sigils from where you are), which should be comfortably possible in the remaining 5 weeks.

I would not open any more chests this season and let the event rewards get Gilas for you. Then probaby spend the rest of your sigils on good trading post offers in week 12, maybe use some rubies to get more sigils. Focus on getting more chests primarily.

Then at the start of next season, open your chests and get as much of the discount winter dragon as you can while it’s 50% off. That should kickstart your next season very nicely.


Morreion’s post may not be the best for for instant gratification folks, but it will be better for progression in the long haul. Season planning is definitely more a marathon than a race. Whatever rss you can save now will go further towards next season prizes.


Thanks Morreion!
So roughly at what base level will Gilas no longer be useful as Abyssal?
I ask because I really enjoy flying Gilas compared to any other dragon I’ve tried. But I’m guessing that there are, or will be other dragons as easy to use against much higher level bases?

Edit 1: Bronze chests are pretty useful in helping a bit with events, should I be saving those as well?


It will start to have trouble around level 470 as an Abyssal.

In general, if you look at Gilas - Neon War Dragons and check what base level is needed to reach the highest level for a particular stone, that’s a reasonable indication of the base level you can take on. In this case the abyssal stone will get you to level 95, which requires 467, which means level 467 bases should be quite doable for him. Incidentally level 95 also means it’s balanced to fight level 95 towers for modern divines, so that’s another useful indicator.

Dragons tend to become stronger with seasons, so getting a dragon now for a level you won’t reach until 3+ seasons from now has somewhat limited use. I don’t know your current level, but if it’s still below 150 or so I think it’s pretty safe to assume 470 will take at least 3 seasons to reach.

Still, finishing Gilas is also not bad, the resources in the dragon line are pretty ok. I would just not open chests for it, and I would take trading post chests over finishing Gilas too. If you earn enough sigils to both get the trading post chests and still finish Gilas, all the better.

Yes I would recommend saving bronzes too, if possible. But of course you still want to grow in fort and breeding, and participate in pvp too, so it’s not an absolute rule. But anything you can save for discount week next season will give you a solid boost.


Thanks so much everyone, you have been very helpful! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You need about 14 500 sigils to finish Gilas branch. There are 5 events left: fortification, pvp, breed, pvp, fortification. If you will get at least 3k sigils on avarage - you are there. Moreover, in last 2 weeks of the season you will be able to buy super sigil chests, which will give you about 1k sigils for 5k rubies (the avarage is higher when you buy more of them). So with your current rubies status you will be able to buy about 10k sigils, if you’ll need them.

To sum up - yes, it’s very possible for you to finish Gilas branch, therefore don’t open anymore chests. If you are 100% sure that Gilas is the only thing you want, then you could claim the rewards from his branch on the way to get some resources just to progress a bit more in the game, but generaly it’s wiser to keep few k sigils in the pocket all the time to be able to buy some additional stuff from limited time branches.


I agree with Morreion, I wouldn’t finish him all the way.
If you are active and looking at playing the game long term, new dragons are going to come along that are better. And I bet you will have a mythic and leave Gilas behind long before you use his last stone.
You have gotten some great advice, and welcome to WD and the forums. :grin:


Very good advice. And thank you! :blush:


U should have finished him already

I’m guessing it’s their first season and they started late which is why they didn’t know about discount. Which also means they haven’t played enough events yet.


I’m saying if they get 3k a week ( that’s definitely not what a beginner gets ) they should have finished him already.

Not true, 8 weeks of 3k is 24k not 37k. Also why do you assume they were playing at the start of the season, and already were doing 3k a week then?


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